Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Breaking the Dysfunctional Code

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Breaking the Dysfunctional Code

Friday, November 15, 2013

Are You Shocked?

Involved in the production, selling and purchasing of child porn, which means the planned and executed sexual abuse of children were:
Doctors, lawyers, cops, priests and teachers...”authority figures” whom children and many others are not “allowed” to question challenge for their behaviour or blame.
I am sure many of them are smiling, soft spoken, polite pillars, polite of the community whose friends and neighbours are, or will be, just shocked. And it appears that it is Canadians pillars leading the abuse.
Do you suppose that many of these people are actually parents themselves?

I want you to think about something else alongside this case. Had the police not interrupted this and managed to rescue these children, and many children all over the world do NOT get rescued, I think it likely that many of these victims, who did not commit suicide, would very likely have ended up in the mental illness system, not believed about what they had been put through, and many of them would have received a nice psychiatric containment label, invalidating them for their “attention seeking stories” since no one believes that the pillars of the community, or anyone’s parents, would ever harm children. Yet this is reality isn't it? The FIRST thing the scum of the earth do, including the scum in the expensive suits, is REDUCE the targets of their abuse to the level of item, object, or commodity, since doing so makes the abuse, or use, of them acceptable to the scum of the earth.
The labels reducing the patient to a self contained “disease” process do not solve real life problems with real people in the real world. In fact, they often re-traumatize the victims of abuse all over again and keep them trapped in a position of permanent invalidation and often increased abuse BECAUSE of the reductionism.

Breaking Bad
How do you think I mean that?
Do I mean that someone who breaks away from the norm is breaking bad, OR
Do I mean that we human beings who want to live a decent life and make it possible for others to do the same need to break BAD; bad itself. All things mean what they mean in context. If you believe that you can identify ANY subset of humanity as the good group or the bad group based on concrete details like job title, for example, you are delusional yourself.
Do you really want to break the power of aggressors operating with hidden agendas of domination and control? If you do, talk CONSTANTLY about the hidden agendas of power and control and the people using them and do it with the SAME attitude of observation and clinical detachment which you currently use in observing and assessing the victims who complain about them.
Believe me...if you invalidate the crap out of them, while observing and assessing THEM like objects of observation, often enough, for long enough, they will give up their “game.”
In other words, use your metaphysical power in a way, on whom, and where it will do some genuine good, which is not about suppressing the feelings of the victims of abuse nor making abusers FEEL better about it when, or IF they get caught.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Undiagnosed Inmates are Already “Running the Asylums”

by Patricia Lefave
Saved by the Psychiatric Faith and here to “testify”
And the inmates running things are getting crazier all the time.
This is an open letter to the Loons in charge.
You are now SPECIFYINGUnspecified Mental Disorder which goes along very nicely with Non Specific Schizophrenic Spectrum Disorder.
That's CRAZY. Can you hear HOW I mean that? One cannot specify the unspecified. It's a contradiction in terms. Why don't you know that? Or DO you know that, and are just telling yourselves that the inferior others (who CAN be blamed) won't notice?
Doing so however, allows those doing it to take control of ANYONE they like, anytime they like for NO SPECIFIC reason. Do you all get that? Are you deluding yourselves that it won't ever be used on you because YOU aren'tsick? Remember that claiming you aren't sick is one of the signs that you ARE sick according to this same group of people who seem to be making sure that all escape routes are well covered of time. That's what the DSM is for. Will the powers that be, which are getting more controlling and stronger all the time, be coming after you in the near future? Try to remember that the more you talk about what happened to you in relation to a group of others, the more likely it will bediagnosedout of existence and the more efficient the mental illness machine is getting at doing just that. The people who get put through this relate it to movies and books like the Matrix, 1984, Brave New World, Groundhog Day, the Truman Show etc. because it RELATES to THEIR experience. The fact that you don't understand it is all but irrelevant since it is not YOUR experience. You invalidate it and call it all meaningless, so you don't have to see it and won't have to see yourselves performing in it.
What the specific ''diagnosisofUnspecified Disorderdoes best isintegratea pair of opposites, in another version ofZen-like cutenesswhich cancel each other out, and which then creates a state of utter meaninglessness, which can then be filled in according to the whims and desires of whomever is holding the power over thesubjectto do so. That one can use the meaningless created to define reality itself any way s/he wants to define it. Why? Because they have granted themselves the power to do so and it's all legal.
What this new wide open diagnosis also does is create a split premise, which creates a paradoxical state, from which no escape is possible, and no resolution is possible, until, or unless, those who started it admit that it's wrong, and that it's also CRAZY. Of course it is unlikely that most of them would ever do that, as it would be problematic for THEM and would not be seen as in their own interests to do so.
With Splitters, as we now know, especially the ones holding all the concrete power, if it's not in their interests, as perceived BY them, to admit they are wrong, they will gladly allow the inferiorothers, who are a different set ofothersand not the sameothersthat the inferior ones try to blame, to pay for their errors. This will be done often while lecturing thoseothers,like they are naughty children, about their character flaws such as blamingothers, their perception problems, emotional reactions (inappropriate) andfalseaccusations.
It doesn't get much more ironic or absurd than this does it?
They say we are crazy and we say they are crazy. Thedifferenceis all in the perception of reality and that has a whole lot to do with rules and expectations around what it what, and who is whom....

Thursday, August 15, 2013

You MUST Be Crazy

You see with bio psych you are going to be crazy from the moment you enter their imperial  diagnostic realm. The fact that you are there, for any reason, means that you need to be given a diagnosis. The labelling takes only minutes. After that, you can agree that you are crazy or you can insist that you are not, but either way the fault will be found to be in you.

You can be a good, compliant kind of crazy OR the non compliant type, but EITHER way, psychiatry will beprovedright about you, because psychiatry, like all other dysfunctional groups, is set up to DO just that. If you disagree with them, your disagreement will be pathologized because psychiatrists and psychiatry never will be. That would be the equivalent of blaming parents you see; “authority” figures which you will be said to be having “problems with,” as an abstraction, in absolute terms. That will be a true statement too. Only the meaning and value of it will be in dispute and up for “interpretation.” Of course the expert “interpreters” are bound to win the dispute by virtue OF their “authority”.(another tautology)

Authority figures are not to be blamed and blaming them is always YOUR fault; not ever theirs. Got that?

Reality with these people is defined in absolute terms APART from concrete details; in other words in metaphysical terms, not in terms of concrete evidence. Evidence is often avoided and even actively suppressed and this is done to protect and promote the agenda, and of course, to maintain a state of blamelessness in the expert dysfunctional system which can never be questioned nor challenged successfully. Questioning it, or challenging it,  can only prove how right it is since doing so is written into the system itself as proof that those who do that are indeed inferior humans  in need of correction.