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Websites Of Possible Interest

Hello To My Fellow Searchers For Sanity

To me, there are only two premises (foundations) of reasoning which matter and which will determine the ultimate outcome of all we say and do.

Mental Health:Mutual respect for boundaries, which runs in both directions at the same time, ultimately heals both the individual and the group.

Mental Illness:
Boundary violation which runs in either, or both directions, ultimately sickens both the individual and the group. I would like to offer this list of Websites to anyone who may be able to use them for support. Many of them have been helpful to me in my own recovery. Take what you can use, from the place you are at right now, and leave what you can't use. You may, or may not, be able to use it at a later stage of your recovery. Remember to question the concepts of everything you hear and read, including what I post here you. That is part of forming your own boundaries.

Best Wishes to all who are working towards real healing. I believe it is possible for all people,
labelled or otherwise to do so. Be very cautious if you are on "medications." Many cause the "symptoms" which are claimed to be part of a disease process. Sudden withdrawals though, can cause more problems than you might think. Educate yourself and stay safe.
Connect to people who are well, and have made it through ahead of you. There is no better support group than those who have had the experience themselves. We get it.

Some Of My Suggested Websites: I will add to this list as I have time. There is a large, and growing number of others which will be of benefit also. Inclusion in this list does not necessarily infer approval of every word, from everyone, but is offered to aid in the persoanl search for meaning of individuals.

Canadian Web-Sites:

  • Greenspiration! Canada

  • The Fifth Body By Tessa Manning

  • Canadian Alliance For Rights In Health Care

    The Lance Krasman Memorial Centre
    Richmond Hill, Ontario

  • Sue Clark, Activist
    Ottawa, Ontario

  • Dr. David Healy
    Author of "Let Them Eat Prozac"

  • The Anti-Psychiatry Coalition International

  • The Laing Society
    By Margreta Carr, Toronto.

  • Around The World:

  • Schizophrenia And Psychology By Per-Erik Larsson
  • Welcome World By Clover Smith

  • Awaken In The Dream By Paul Levy

  • Freedom Of Mind Center
    By Steven Alan Hasson

  • Just Listening
    By Leon Redler, M.D. and Stephen Gans

  • Child Abuse and Mistreatment
    The work of Alice Miller; an ex psychoanalyst:"For Your Own Good",
    Thou Shalt Not be Aware,The Drama of the Gifted Child,
    The Truth Will Set You Free" etc.

    For help for children with bullying also see:
  • Operation Respect: Don't Laugh At Me

  • Screams From Childhood
    By Barbara Rogers

  • The Harm Suffered By Many People

  • AllPsych Online
    The Virtual Psychology Classroom

    Find the Official Definition of Crazy Me, and Crazy You

  • International Cultic Studies Association
    by Michael Langone, PhD

  • Psychiatric Survivor's Guide
    By Shoshanna Moser

  • Songs Of The Captive

    A Memoir of Alienation


    Promoting Openness, Full Disclosure, and Accountability

  • The Rick A. Ross Intitute

  • Full of applicable subjects relating to abuse, power and control issues.

  • Mindfreedom International

  • David Oaks,Director

  • National Association For Rights, Protection and Advocacy

  • United States

  • Children & Adults Against Drugging America

  • The Works of M.Scott Peck,M.D

  • The Road Less Travelled etc.
    Especially the Title: People of the Lie

  • Al Siebert,PhD.The Survivor Personality

  • Al Siebert,PhD. A Schizophrenia Breakthrough

  • The Work of Thomas Szasz,M.D

  • The Myth of Mental Illness
    Schizophrenia: The Sacred Symbol of Psychiatry etc.

    Cutting The Ties That Bind

  • The Headless Way

  • Psychrights
    President, Don Roberts
    Vice President, Jim Gottstein

  • The Mental Health Website Alternative

  • By And For Survivors,

    Peter Breggin, M.D.
    Toxic Psychiatry,Your Drug May Be Your Problem, " etc.
    He has a good list of alternate healers, including one in the UK, These Sites have much useful information.
    International Center For The Study Of Psychiatry And Psychology
    Click on Links in the left hand column

    Protest Against The Inhumanity of Psychiatric Assault
    London, England

    Tools For Coping With Life's Stressors

    National Empowerment Center, U.S.
    Daniel Fisher, M.D.
    Web-Site :

    Alliance To Stop Psychiatry's Influence in Religion and Education

    Sidran Institute
    Traumatic Stress, Education and Advocacy

    Tools For Relationships
    James & Constance Messina, PhD's

    PsychRights® Law Project for Psychiatric Rights
    Effective Non-Neuroleptic Treatment

    World Network Of Users and Survivors Of Psychiatry

    International Coalition For Drug Awareness
    This is an organization affiliated with Scientology as is CCHR
    As it is such I post this one with a note of caution and some concern

    Medication Sense Online
    Jay S. Cohen, M.D.

    Asylum Online, Magazine , UK
    Alec Jenner, Founding Editor

    The Hearing Voices Network
    Manchester, England:

    Vine Partnership , Peterborough, United Kingdom

    True Facts About Psychiatry
    Alexander Skugor, Berlin, Germany

    Dr. Rath Health Foundation
    Berlin, Germany

    Tristano Ajmone,
    President OISM
    Psychiatric Survivor

    Association For Medical and Therapeutic Self Determination

    A Fênix - Associação Pró Saúde Mental
    (in Portuguese)

    Non Verbal Communication

    The Icarus Project
    Massachusetts, USA

    Mad In America
    Robert Whitaker

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