Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Open Letter :

To All The Psychiatrized People:
By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

This Post Inspired By Paul Henri Thomas, E.C.T. shock Survivor and equal rights activist.

As some of you reading this already know, I have limited time on line and must rely on public free access to the Internet, as many of us do.

There has been quite a bit of rumbling and grumbling locally, about finding ways to cut me off which will seem ''reasonable'' and unrelated to what I am saying here and not an overt attempt to silence my dissenting opinion. I want the many friends I have made, over the last few years, throughout the world, (and there are many ) to know that if it should seem I suddenly stop posting, or answering questions, it will not be by my choice. If I can keep going with this though, and since I am so limited by time, I intend to focus most of the time I have on these blog Sites which are being inspired by my own experience with the mental illness machine as well as that of many, many others.

I will use this cyber ''Voice'' to tell you everything I can; what I have seen, what I now understand, what works for me, what doesn't, and what I believe we must ALL understand about HOW psychiatry, and all dysfunctional individuals and groups think.

That is what is messing a lot of us up. If you don't understand how they think (and yes, there IS ''them'' and an ''us'' at this moment in time, because that illusion has been made a part of concrete reality) you can never truly understand the role you have been assigned to play in this psychodrama. It is important that you become fully aware of that because if you do, the chaos and confusion will end and a clarity, allowing real integration, will begin.

Educate yourself on all aspects of your metaphysical illness, while knowing that most of the world believes it is an incurable physical ''illness'' because they have been taught to do so. The mental illness machine has become the snake swallowing it's own tail, oblivious it would seem, to the reality of it's own self defeating paradigm and actions. It is psycho-spiritually deaf to both the patient and itself, focused obsessively on ''cost effective'' power and control. Those psychiatrists with real ethics, and there are some of them left, who object to the direction on the road this machine is travelling, are the most likely to find themselves bumped off of it themselves, and into the ditch.

Most of you who have been psychiatrized have a much stronger intuitive sense of what is going on around you than those who are judging you as their ''inferiors.'' It is very often this understanding of reality as the exact opposite of itself that is causing the problem in the first place. Connect to others who can actually HEAR what you are saying, with their minds, as well as their ears, and you will feel less alone in your seemingly endless suffering, less ''crazy'' or confused about your very REAL experience with others, and less isolated.

Hopefully, you will also find a few places to express your very real emotions, including the negative ones, which have been psychiatrized into ''symptoms'' which you aren't ''allowed'' to even verbalize.

Finding enlightened witnesses to the personal truth of your experience with often arrogant, invalidating ''others'' will help you to get through it, and come out the other side of it in one piece. When you find even ONE non-judgemental, listening ear, in someone who does not try to stop you every time you try to say something those ''others'' just don't want to know, you will start to regain your own ego boundaries and your Self control.

Self control is not meant to mean simply ''self restraint", although that is part of it. More importantly, it is about Self definition and Self determination. This is what ALL human beings want and need and what psychiatry seems determined to spend most of it's time preventing. They've got it backwards. Many of you already know that. Join with others who are a little ahead of you in their own recovery, and there you will find REAL support, REAL hope, REAL recovery, and REAL freedom from psychospiritual oppression.

Try talking in the first person singular as much as you can and you will discover your ego boundaries returning and strengthening as you rediscover, or perhaps form some discover for the first time, your own unique identity.
Try using one concept as your premise of reasoning:

''I have equal value to all other human beings; no more and no less. Anything that does not support equality of worth is error.''

Know that the ''inferior/superior'' bit is an illusion invented by humanity in a perverted attempt to find ''balance'' between being unique and being part of a whole. The truth is, those two concepts are not really opposites--they MUST be, and are, both true at the same time.

I will share with you, the experience out of my own reality, as time and access allows me, added to this post and others. When my former or older posts re-appear on the home page of my blog, it usually means some new information or idea has been added.

Don't lose hope. Though as individuals we be made powerless for awhile, and the struggle is hard, the power of many, focused on the same end goal, can cause great, and remarkable, change to occur. Let's all connect together, as we once did, (or perhaps still do, on the spiritual level of consciousness), now in concrete reality also, and make it a change for the better.

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