Monday, July 09, 2007

Turning It Back Around

In The Right Direction:

I believe the act of writing our truth will ultimately prevail over the power of those who are out their desire for unquestioned power and control over others.

It's just that the non-violent way takes so damned long, doesn't it? Still we MUST do it that way or we play into the hands of those who define us the way they do. Use your talents, especially with all those "writing behaviours" from which we are all proclaimed to 'suffer.'

Our Own Choir: Singing To Our Own Tune

I think we nuts should create a list of ''crazy'' songs with ''hidden meaning'' and perhaps keep the list with Mindfreedom International, Massachusetts Freedom Center and, any other groups in the world concerned with radically changing, or abolishing, the mental illness system.

All survivour groups could use the list all over the world for public performances. Can't you just hear the applause from the ''normals'' as they tell each other how ''amazing'' and exceptional we are to be singing about our own troubles? We could call ourselves: The Voices.

Has a nice sound to it don't you think?

I think we also need to get into the stand up circuit as comedians. Comedy is a powerful force for change, for creating awareness, and a pretty nifty vehicle for the non violent expression of legitimate anger too.

We must all get involved in turning this around and de-mystifying the whole ''mad'' myth. As an exercise in awareness, let's all try turning the judgements of 'illness' around one hundred and eighty degrees and see how it feels to be the person on the other side of it. It is the lack of genuine FEELING that is keeping everything static in many ways. So, those of you who are not psychiatrized, talk about being confused for any reason as if you were psychiatrized and imaoine what it would be like to have everything you say heard as a symptom of your defective brain.

Those of you who have been psychiatrized talk about your 'confusion' as if it was going to be accepted as the perfectly normal emotional reaction to circumstances that it usually is; just as it gets accepted when those who are NOT psychiatrized express the same emotion and are considered to be perfectly normal.

Then we can compare the two new views of the SAME emotion from our NEW opposite points of view. Doesn't this sound like fun?

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