Monday, November 26, 2007

Please, Please , Physician, Heal Thyself

First posted in August 2005

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

If there is any system in the west, (or, indeed anywhere on the planet now) that does NOT represent democracy in action it is the mental ''illness" system. There is no debate of opposing viewpoints'''allowed'' and it is an easy, matter to enforce that.

When the system is defining insanity for all others, it is a simple matter to invalidate those who oppose it's judgements by using it's own power to define any, and all, opposition to it as insanity.
The only reason the truth of this is not seen for what it obviously IS, is because it is concealed within the pyramid structure of the system which actively supports and enables the alternate "reality" which has been created for the purpose of explaining it all away. If those in charge were in better shape themselves, seeing themselves as centred in a sphere of positive life supporting influence instead of at the top of a pyramid of power and control, they would be able to "let go" of the grandiose delusion and affect a real psycho-spiritual healing.

A pyramid structure is as sick as the one who sits at the top of it and abuses his/her power in the name of "good." There is no "good" to be found in the abuse of power. Such "good" is based upon fear and intimidation tactics (which is denied) and on the need to control what is feared because it is not understood. The collective, contagious fear of what is not understood is the basis of this problem.

Unless you face the truth about the generation before, identify the errors instead of looking away, and deal with them, going all the way back to the starting point, you will never be able to "fix" the real problem nor "rescue" anyone. The problem is a chain reaction of unfaced error. The solution must be it's exact opposite; a chain reaction of resolution and healing.

The problem is, and always was, one of boundaries. Some who are metaphysically "sick" don't know how to keep the violators out. Some are the metaphysically "sick" who don't know how to stay out of the boundaries of others.. These are the two extreme poles.

Most people (the normals) are a combination of the two poles. They only seem "normal" because they represent the majority who work at sitting on a fence and trying to avoid being seen too clearly. The "normal" wear a well constructed facade. They have an automatic response for everything. Duplicity, which they often convince themselves cannot be seen by others, is a way of life for them. Life CAN be fixed. One neurotically enmeshed, self deluded idiot at a time.

Let's start with those at the top of the pyramid of power since that's what keep the rest locked into a system which is feeding itself with itself. Self definition, Self control, combined with mutual respect for boundaries is the key. Use the key to unlock the door of this metaphysical prison and you will be able to "let it" and our people, "go."

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Mark said...

Psychiatry is a billion dollar industry. How to stop it? Can't. Society will self implode first is my guess. With no one responsible for their thoughts/feelings/actions, they are all just chemical imbalances. You never know, successfully drugging/medicating everyone could work with good enough PR and TV advertisements. The new doctors believe in the brain chemical balancing, making good people out of bad people with the Holy pharmaceutical molecule