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Talking At Psychiatrists

First posted October 6th, 2005
While They Plug Their Ears And Hum Loudly

BY Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

Boundary Problems:
Psychiatrists tell us whom they label, (when they bother to talk to us at all) that we have ''boundary problems.'' Yes. We do. That's abstract statement at the nexus of meaning. Our original abuser (and then psychiatry itself) is constantly violating our personal boundaries and because we don't know how to penetrate their self delusion or how to make them stop doing that, we do indeed have boundary problems.

I Am The Turtle:

What Psychiatry today reminds me of is my childhood relationship with a small turtle.
I would take my turtle out of his litle round plastic home, complete with plastic palm tree on a plastic island, and with my forefinger on theback of his shell, push him around the florr for awhile. I was "helping" him to "go for a walk."

I really liked that turtle too. It did not occur to me, in my childish mind, that what seemed like "help" to me would seem more like torment to the turtle I liked.

The Collective Spirit:

I believe in the collective spirit of humanity. I also believe that perfect justice exists beyond the human. I believe there are two "Pi's" which are indeed separating the "sheep" from the "wolves." I believe that perfect justice is delivered by a God-head who KNOWS the gift of free will means the individual MUST be allowed to choose his/her own ultimate fate.
I also believe in cause and effect and that each person acts upon, and is acted upon, by other people. I believe in the end, the "wolves" among us, often dressed in "sheeps' clothing", will actually get exactly what they "think" they want.
When they finally understand that while they focused on blindsiding the sheep with thier covert acts of aggression, they were actuallly blinding themselves to their own predictable outcome, it will shock them beyond anything they could imagine. For in the end, perfect justice means the "wolves" really WILL have created their own reality as they saw fit to do.
As the sheep, there is nothing we need to do other than expose the truth of our experience to the light of day, like the Musketeers...."All for one and one for all!" For that is the nature of "reality" to those of us who live in the pacifists PI. The state the aggressors see as "weakness."

Two Kinds Of People:

There are two kinds of people who claim they aren't guilty when accused of wrongdoing:
Those who aren't guilty; and those who are guilty.

Speaking Psychiatrese

By the way, when you translate the dysfunctional family's excuses and covering up into "psychiatrese" it is important that you don't leave anything out of that or it alters the meaning of it.
Example: "seeking fame."

You are missing a vital part of the translation because you have left out the most important word. That word is "just." The original version is; " She/he is just seeking attention," so it should be translated into psychiatrese as "just seeking fame."

"Just" in dysfunctional speak means; "Really, nothing happened and everyone in the group is innocent of any and all wrong doing. He/she (the victim who in dysfunctional speak only "says" he/she's a "victim," or "thinks" he/she's a "victim", when really, there ARE no "vicitims") is only or "just" saying she/he is, as an attention seeking device. But really, officer/doctor, we are all just completely 'mystified' about her "false" accusations against us and we think she is just stupid, or crazy.

As you can see, "just" is a very important part of the meaning of it all, so, perhaps you could amend that "symptom" in the D.S.M. to reflect that by stating; the fact that you think bus drivers and Homewood nurses are talking about you when tbey aren't shows that you are "Just seeking fame."

Filtered Hearing

Trying to talk to psychiatrists is often an exercise in futility. It is even worse, I think, than trying to talk directly to the "heads'' of dysfunctional families.

Psychiatrists now have a concrete powerthat is the envy of every manipulative dominator outside of psychiatry as well.

It has struck me often that it is like talking to any loyal cult memeber. They cannot hear what we are saying in any way other than through the filter they have been trained to use as the way to reframe our experience in terms of ''disease process.''

That's why it is like talking to the wall. The psycho-spiritual wall is SET UP from the start to protect the True Believers and their unquestioned Faith.
Invalidating anyone who does not accept The Faith is built INTO The Faith.

276% ?

It was on the news here in October that the results of a study on child abuse indicate there has been a 276% increase. Perhaps you should all be reminded of your frequently repeated corrections to those of us who have "whined, bitched and complained" of such things in various forms and degrees for centuries now and who have often received psychiatric labels for doing so. The usual one goes something like;

"You don't mean to blame your parents, ( or the family) do you? We can't "blame others." if we are normal (like you) "we come to acept that our parents aren't perfect, we overlook it and above all we must "let it go... After all they are STILL your parents! One must never be disrespectful and insulting to one's parents by suggesting they do what they in fact do. If we do then clearly, we deserve just what they are getting from them. (dysfunctional Pi)

Now you people with those statistics (which I am sure you just made up to seek attention/fame anyway) get back on that news channel and apologize to those falsely accused people, right now, before someone finds it necessary to drug ou into submission for your own good.


"The irrationality of a thing is not an argument against it's existence but rather a condition of it."

Perhaps he also was told there was no abuse as the abuser would have no reason to abuse him. Psychiatric Pi

What Is it Then?

"Mental illness" is often the result to individuals, and, by extension, to society, of taking a simple obvious problem and transforming it into a complex mess which serves one main purpose: to get the guilty, the ignorant, the deceived, and the opportunists off the accountability hook. This is often done by hanging the group's victim on that hook to suffer any losses in their place, because she has an accurate awareness of reality which the group denies and wishes to keep on denying. So yes, "denial" exists in this group perception problem.
There is always at least one, (and sometimes MORE than one) person who is as aware of the truth of the situation as the victim, right from the start. The guilty one sets out to do the victim harm. The deceived ones act out of their false beliefs based on information supplied by the guilty one. The ignorant ones act out of a lack of knowledge and understanding. The opportunists act out in overt support of the guilty, for no other reason than that the opportunity to abuse someone and get away with it has been presented to them. They often like the power rush as much as the original aggressor. When a group like this gets together and is of one mind, the denial of the truth about the aggressor and his victim CAUSES the victim's ego structure to break down under enormous, and ususally non stop pressure.
The whole group then uses the end result to justify it's assault, which is based on it's perception of it's victim as "mentally ill." This predictable result is seen as an inherent condition, apart from his/her concrete experience of others or events. The philosophy at work here seems to be something like< "No man is an island"....except for the psychiatric patient of course....
If you psychiatrist try "treating" people like human beings, nothing more nor less, you just might be surprised by the results you get. I will tell you a big secret...all of life is based on Pi....whether it turns out to be like fresh baked apple pie or a cow Pi depends upon the attitude use in the making of the Pi. It is the premise of reasoning that brings the predictable result into concrete reality, for when you are making Pi, the premise and the goal rest on the same point. Everything in between the Alpha (beginning) and the Omega (the end) is only the route you take to get there. Many of you seem to prefer Route 666 because it pays better in the short term.
Your premise is a self fulfilling prophecy. If you prophesy helplessness, hopelessness and doom, that's what you get. Wake up to the reality of your own creation before it's too late. Humanity has the ability to "fix" metaphysically, what will will never be able to "fix" physically.

Suicide in the System:

Many labelled people are commiting suicide and/or murder, NOT because a disease is making them do it, but because they cannot escape from a system, or immense pressure, which reduces their experience, feelings, humanity and personal identity to a chemistry problem, trapping them in a horror of control by others, constant invalidation and abuse from which there is no escape possible other than death, of one kind or another, at some time or another.

This you do in the name of help, or family, or medicine, or religion or sometimes ''love.'' For this result we are expected to ''comply'' and even to show ''gratitude'' for your ''help.'' If we do not, and instead persist in the attempt to own our own reality, the attempt itself may well be further pathologized and we will usually be silenced for good by being declared ''chronic.''

''Chronic'' generally indicates someone who will not let their own version of reality go and accept the alternate one provided for them. For those of you who recognize the trap, understand there is at least, a psychological escape from this and once you understand it and are strong enough, you can work with all of the rest of us to change, or abolish, a system that no longer sees human beings in the faces of it's "customers."

It was once ''alleged'' that one of the office staff from Comcare, Guelph, posed the question in 99 after I was forced out of my job for the second time;
''How can he say he loves her and allow this to continue?" (don't know which of the ''hes'' she was referring to or even if the rumour itself is true, but it is a good question) Six years past that time, it is still going as if I have never told anyone involved that it was. It boggles the mind. The whole event is still being denied, ''kept'' from my awareness, even as it continues....

Dr. Phil:

The topic of a recent Dr. Phil was an experiment based on appearances. Dr. Phil's son Jay and another woman got themselves made up in a way that made them less attractive physically, then went out into their usual world to see if they were treated any differently. than they normally were. They tested it afterwards by returning to the same places and engaging in the same transactions with the same people as their legitimate selves.
Both stated they experienced lack of eye contact from others, dismissive attitudes, and being talked about by strangers a few feet away.
I think both are very fortunate they did not complain openly about this treatment to psychiatrists. It may have well earned them the same psychiatric label bestowed upon me for having very much the same experience after being labelled ''mentally ill,''by the same people who did it to me and then denied the whole thing.

I was watching the season premiere of ''Numb3rs'' last night (September 23, 2005)
The mathemetician employed to help solve crimes pointed out to the detectives that the infinite number Pi appears in everything and they don't know why. (infinite loop of being OR non being.) Interesting isn't it?

The X-Files:
The X-files was actually about the experiences of psychiatric patients. It was presented in symbolic form. Abstract concepts were sometimes concretized:
(like punching the sheriff in the stomach only to discover he ''had no internal organs'' = the sheriff was ''gutless'' or ''had no guts.'' )
Or sometimes, the concrete was presented as metaphorical. When Mulder, straight faced, spoke of ''the rocket scientists'' he was talking about YOU folks in psychiatry. Bet you didn't pick upm on that did you? Probably too busy to watch such a silly show.

For those of you reading this who are the psychiatrized: Warning!

If you are recently recovering, still psychologically unstable, just off, or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs, beware. Watching this series may trigger you as it utilizes the same concepts which may have disconnected you from concrete reality in the first place. The series does this in order to make this point to the masses of ''normals'' who have not had the experience and who don't understand it. So proceed with caution and awareness of the possible triggers if you watch it. This is the sort of series which will seem like ''messages'' to you because the concepts are similar to your own experience and your right brain is making the connections, even if your left brain can't quite see it in your personal concrete details. It is very much like getting a message from the symbolism in a dream, but psychiatrists don't really understand that as anything other than a ''symptom'' in you. Most of them don't believe our experience means anything at all. It is important that you know that. It will be much less confusing for you if you do.

Why...What Do I Mean By That?
When we nuts tell you that ''everyone'' by mocking, ridiculing, threatening, pounding on our walls or windows, robbing us etc... we don't literally mean; every single person we see everywhere, everyday. We mean "everybody" in the same generalized sense that YOU mean it when YOU say "everybody knows the truth." Do you believe that? That ALL people hold the same truth to be self evident? Yet when you say this, it is not seen as a "symptom" of yours is it?

Let me put it to you this way. How many times per day of being mocked, ridiculed, threatened, verbally abused, talked about in the third person, and "interpreted" by others etc. do you think would be enough to make it seem like "everybody" was involved in your invalidation and vicitimization? 10 times? 20 times? 40 times? Do you think the stress would be a problem for you? Also, do you think if that was ongoing, month after month, year after year, and you were not "allowed" by the mental health profession (or perhaps a "loving" family member) to complain about it, ( since that also is a "sign") that the unrelieved stress and pressure which continued, more so because of the enforced silence about it, might actually CAUSE a psychotic episode to occur?
If the coercive tactic used to silence your complaints was more "treatment" how would you feel about psychiatry? Grateful? How would you feel knowing that if you were to break because you can't get out from under the load of never ending, and increasing stress, that those who have caused it are likely to use the fact that you broke as justification for 'treating" what they caused, and that there is no possible way out of the metaphysical trap? For they also say that the cause is NOT stress. What would you say or do to change that situation?

Cause And Effect:
Fear, which is prolonged by the denial of the patient's reality; the non stop invalidation, reductionism and head games that follow, is the cause of the schizophrenic reaction to the ''diagnostic'' event.

It is NOT an effect related to nothing but the patient's supposedly ''defective'' brain, nor is it the ''cure'' as psychiatry has spent much of it's time imagining it to be.

Mysterious Message
Will the old horse win, show, place, or lose?
If given odds, what do you think the chances would be that you will ever understand the human being assigned the role of "patient" whom you will not "allow" to tell you anything you'd rather not know, nor ask you any questions that you don't like?

I think they are slim to none.
My two protagonists however, are most appreciative of that trait in you, since it keeps both of them in control of me, and everyone else they have manipulated to accept the 'reality' of THEIR definition and "interpretations." That is what It is about you know. Creating and defining reality itself for all others.
You are supporting a very REAL and effective metaphysical power for BOTH of them. Congratulations on accepting a role you did not know you were playing. You must be so proud to be in a position to help those altruistic souls who only want to "help" horrible, ungrateful ME.

What Are We Forgiving Exactly?
Before there comes a need to forgive someone it is necessary to recognize that your boundaries have been violated in some way. if there is no violation, there is nothing to forgive is there?
So, why do you keep telling us we must "forgive" those who claim they have done nothing, and that we are "crazy" because we 'think" they have? Are you encouraging us in our "delusions"? Are you promoting our "grandiosity?"

We inferior minds find this quite confusing.

Drugs Are The Answer?
Drug addicted people swallow things so that they won't have to feel any negative emotions nor work their way through, what is often, very painful growth, and "crazy" people try to resist swallowing things so they can feel their emotions, negative ones included, and work their way out of the numbness and through very painful problems and growth to acceptance of their personal realities.

The addicted are generally much more co-operative with psychiatrists and much easier to handle than the non compliant resistant ones like myself.

How Does Psychosis Feel?
I am glad you didn't ask me that. I will tell you anyway.
Psychosis is like having a suddenly clear, full view of the nightmare reality all around you while knowing you are the only one at the time who really sees it. It is like suddenly being all alone in a dark and empty universe. It is like sitting on the razor's edge of sanity/insanity and both have lost any true meaning.
Unfortunately, those who "help" you, seeing nothing, work very hard at pulling you all the way over the edge in the wrong direction, so that you will deny the Fantasy World we have all created together in our denial of what is.
These are the people in charge of your assessment. You will be assimilated into Groupthink. Resistance is futile.

On Being Cost-Effective
It is not considered to be cost-efective to waste time talking to people you have labeled so that you don't have to waste any time talking to labeled people.

Well Oiled Machine
You are trying to run the system like a well oiled machine.
As one who's head has been caught in the gears, I fear your efforts will be completely successful.

Less Than Human
If you consistently treat people as if they were less than human, eventually, you are likely to get a less than human response.
If that response then validates your subjectively projected expectations and beliefs, they will be reinforced for you.
If you and your beliefs are continually reinforced, it is unlikely that you will question yourself.
If you don't question yourself, you will not "allow'' those you consider to be less than human to question you either.
If those you now control can't ask you any questions, nor tell you anything that would give you the information you need to solve the problem, neither you, nor they, can find any answers.
The failure to ask any questions that allow you to find the answers you need, makes you less than human.
When you are less than human you can't relate to human beings and human beings can't relate to you and expect to be heard.

My Question:
Why do psychiatrists wonder why their patients won't talk to them?

Costing or Saving?
The personal lives and experiences of individuals cannot be defined with abstract concepts used for cost-effective convenience. What you ''save'' now is costing us all, both now and in the future. (for as long as we still have a future anyway.)

End the co-dependent dance marathon. Simplify. It is the basic premise of relationship that matters, not sorting out the complex chaos created by those spending their lives dancing away from the perfectly obvious just as far and as fast as they can.