Saturday, June 07, 2008

Generic Psychological Values

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

First posted November 2005

In general, there are two psychospiritual attitudes which seem to be held by those people the world's sociopaths find easiest to control.

1. the belief that you are inferior to others and therefore cannot question you ''superiors.''

2. the belief that you are superior to others and therefore your ''inferiors'' cannot question you.

Both types are subject to control by whatever leader sits at the top of the pyramid of power.

The first group is controlled because they do not know how to fight against such unreasoning power and aggression without becoming the same way themselves.

The second group is controlled because they identify with the leader and desire to have for themselves such power and control over others.

Both groups are a few bricks short of the proverbial load. But given a choice where there may still be some hope left of ending the chaos and destruction growing out of this co-dependent relationship, I will take my place alongside the ''inferior'' group members rather than the ''superior'' ones any day. I would far rather identify with those still searching for real answers and resolution than with those who are certain, despite evidence to the contrary, that they already have all the answers and need look no further.

How The Power People Excuse Themselves For the Same Things For Which They Condemn Others

The power and control people always seem to have a sense of ''entitlement'' in relation to what they do. Since they are (in their minds) ''superiors'' controlling ''inferiors,'' manipulating and lying to their victims (who are not really ''victims'') and to others, is seen by them as only a means to achieving their goal....which is....controlling their inferiors. To them, the end justifies the means. As far as they are concerned, that is obvious and the only reason anyone could possibly disagree with that, or not understand it, is because the one who disagrees, or fails to understand is, obviously, ''inferior.'' (Infinite loop of superior perfection) Clearly the lesser beings have a perception problem and if we seem angry, it's not ''real'' anger like they have. It's just one of those inappropriate affects we ''inferiors'' are so well known for having....which just proves how right our superiors are to get us under control....doesn't it?

My, oh my, the superior people's work is never done. But aren't they brave and long suffering to keep on trying so hard, for so long, to fix us; for our own good?

Dysfunctional families operate with nearly the same group dynamic as Psychiatry and the current mental health system.

The child who sees and hears it, and who blurts out the obvious the rest of the grop is ignoring, is completely confused by it and MORE confuded by the group's denial of the obvious. it is just not logical. But, in order for the group to maintain the status quo, and to stay suitably blind and deaf, the child's confusion is efined as if it were in relation to nothing at all. The group, after all, is NOT confused. Therefore, "confusion" over nothing at all, becomes a flaw located within the brain of the child, and is not seen as in relationship to the family leaders, the group, nor their system.

Let's simplify it even more so that even the highly educated experts can understand it.

The "people who are talking about us" in what they believe is a "covert" way unknown to lesser minds such as ours, even when they are doing so in our presence, are unable to grasp the idea that THEY are "the people" we "think" are "talking about us."

Now, WHO is it that is deluded and out of touch with reality again? You see, I'm confused about that. As long as the obvious is not seen by those who are certain their understanding of our experience is better, this dysfunctional Pi, (an infinite loop inside a closed system) will be perpetuated. This is what creates the possibility for infinite abuse of power and the control of everyone caught inside the system.

We, being so inferior and all, just don't seem to know enough to be grateful for all of this, another trait on the endless list of our inherent flaws. Let's all breathe a big exasperated sigh together, like those we get to hear nearly every day from some long suffering helper, and move on to the next, seemingly hopeless, attempt to understand us nuts.


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