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An Undiagnosed Epidemic

Originally posted in November 2005

L.O.A.D. ( Lack Of Awareness Disorder )

By Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D.(P)

What is L.O.A.D.?
Well, it is described by many of the family members as a frightening altered state much like the hypnotic trance or brainwashed state of cult members. It tends to strike the upper classes just as much, if not more than any other class, the highly educated, and more sophisticated members of society, which is what makes it so worrisome to the family members of those afflicted.
Unfortunately, it affects many others as well, including those wishing to belong to the upper classes, those attempting to appear to belong, and even some who don't care about their social class at all.
As you can see, it affects a very broad spectrum of people which is ringing alarm bells for some scientists who believe the focus of genetic research funding should be shifted in this direction. as THE priority before it reaches pandemic proportions.

The Characteristics of The Disease Checklist:

If you observe five or more of these signs in a particular subject, it should be an indication that L.O.A.D. may be present and just out of the incubation stage of the disease making it still manageable with immediate treatment.
If the subject is presenting any of the following, he or she should be detained for further assessment.
1. A tendency towards an arrogant certainty about an understanding of the lives and feelings of others, especially complete strangers.
2. Disdain for others not included in the LOAD sufferers' group/family or organization.
3. A need to believe he or she has total control of other people and situations.
4. Denial of any evidence which puts the beliefs of the sufferer in question.
5. A tendency to regress easily to the level of flocks, herds or pack animals.
6. A display of territorial thinking or behaviour.
7. A tendency to attempt to "hide" an obvious truth or evidence in order to defend an untenable position or the current social status quo, even when doing so harms everyone.
8. An apparent inability to hear doublethink or doublespeak, even when it is coming out of the sufferer's own mouth.
9. A belief that he or she is somehow magically ''hidden'' and cannot be seen or heard, even though ten feet (three meters) or less separates him or her from the "other" from whom he or she is supposedly ''hiding.''
10. A belief that his/her personal concrete experience in life represents an abstract truth that can be applied to all others universally and any disagreement from any of those others should be invalidated immediately.
11. A tendency to label others in order to create a closed system of containment designed to keep the fears and anxiety of the LOAD sufferer at bay.
12. A refusal to communicate directly and honestly and an exhibited preference for talking about, or sometimes AT, anyone who disagrees with his/her judgements.
13. A tendency to enlist the aid of others (usually covertly) in order to force those disagree to accept his/her version of "reality" by means of the application of group pressure.
14. An automatic, well entrenched, invalidating response to any argument or suggestion that the LOAD sufferer could ever be wrong about anything.
15. Speaks and thinks in absolute abstract terms, avoiding concrete details.
16. A tendency to contract the anal muscles in an unnatural manner.
17. Operates from behind a haughty, superior or rigid facade.
18. Often social climbs in order to validate delusions about superior understanding or worth as a human being.

19. Inappropriate affects:
Particularly predominant is flat affect. (no emotional response at all to anything) eg: You tell them you have been assaulted by Uncle Bob, or even that something positive happened to you and they "humour" you, wearing a mask like face, "Oh really. How interesting ." He or she may even make a side remark to a friend in your presence such as, "the poor thing."
20. Inappropriate Laughter or Smiling: eg: You are being harassed by a contemptuous group of people on a subway or other public transportation and the onlookers decide to join in the "fun." You dare to react with anger and complain about being abused by others without reason and the LOAD sufferers among them smile or smirk, their little insane eyeballs twinkling with high amusement about your complaint of their behaviour.

Disdain or contempt:
You keep trying to tell your psychiatrist (who really has no time to listen to your nonsense)your therapist, your friends, or your relatives the truth about what happened to you and are treated with more and more contempt for refusing to "let it go" and stop trying to be heard.

Mocking and Ridiculing:
Especially when presented along with symptom 5.
21. Unrealistic fantastic view of "authority" figures. Eg: Parents never lie, teachers aren't abusive, doctors can't be wrong, bosses aren't ever jerks, landlords don't break laws and religious leaders can't have hidden agendas.
22. LOAD sufferers will often go to any lengths to reduce the awareness of others as a reaction to feeling threatened with self awareness, or of experiencing an unwanted increase in their own awareness. There is an unrealistic ongoing expectation that others will deny their own experience and feelings if the LOAD sufferer simply pretends it is not "real." The expectation appears to be that the invalidate other will adapt him/herself to embrace the LOAD sufferer's delusional belief system.
23. In times of distress, LOAD sufferers tend to close ranks and seek reinforcement in their trance-like brainwashed state from other sufferers who are more than wiling to support their beliefs, needs and Dis-ease.

As you can see, this is an extremely difficult disorder to treat as the defense mechanisms of the acute sufferer are so well entrenched it is nearly impossible to to locate a chink in his or her psychological armour. All we can really do is keep trying and continue to expose the pathology of this terrible disorder to the world at large in the hope that public awareness will promote the change and encourage offerings of research funding which will allow us to search for a cure. We all need to break the silence in order to generate the interest that will help us move towards a cure for these poor unfortunate self deluded people.

With scientists funded to do the research necessary to find a treatment, it is hoped they will be able to find a way to unblock the receptors in the brain which are preventing truth from travelling freely along the neural pathways of the LOAD sufferer.

Once developed, hospitals will be able to put out a public call for volunteers who suffer from the effects of receiving too little information, in order to test their new atypical unblockers. This will be under carefully controlled conditions so that the rate of truth allowed into the subjects' brains can be slowed to a safe level. They don't want the LOAD sufferers to go into shock without any medical supervision. (as we all know, psychiatrists prefer to have super-vision at all times. In this I find myself in agreement with them. I also would prefer psychiatrists to have much more supervision.)

It should be noted that many LOAD sufferers often have a dual diagnosis. Many have been previously diagnosed with A.P.D. (Arrogant Personality Disorder) In such advanced cases, prognosis tends to be rather poor and the disease may only be managed to the terminal stage, which occurs often as a result of toxicity from permanent anal stricture. Though not all LOAD sufferers die of their Dis-eases, in extreme cases, carrying this kind of LOAD for too long can be terminal.



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