Saturday, November 22, 2008

It Is A Matter Of Perspective

Originally Posted December 2005

What Something Really Means Depends Upon Your Point Of View

By Patricia Lefave,Labeled, D.D.(P)

There is a dark need in those who operate with a hidden agenda of domination to break anyone who threatens the aggressor's warped perception of him of her self.

Locally, so it is said, ''they'' ( the medical, legal community )have ''never seen anything like it.'' I have gone on and on, for eleven years, fighting to have my obvious truth heard. I ''claim'' I was ''set up'' for a psychological planned attack eleven years ago, and I will not let ''it'' ( my ''delusion'') go.

This is a true statement. I won't ''let it go'' and ''they'' have never seen anything like it. From their point of view, this is a demonstration of how we ''mentally ill'' just won't let go of our deeply entrenched delusions.

From MY point of view, it is a demonstration of how the Psychiatric Faith, and all of those they teach to follow their lead, won't let go of THEIR delusional beliefs that they need not listen to me nor take me seriously since they are certain they understand my experience and feelings about it all BETTER than I do.

My protagonists and all the people they involve are subjectively projecting their OWN lack of awareness (hidden in their subconscious or Shadow) onto me. They then treat me ''as if '' their projection was MY reality rather than their own.

A simpler way to say this is:
No matter what I say, how many ways I say it, or for how long a period of time i say it, they resist hearing the perfectly obvious. For if they heard it, they would have to know they are wrong. At the point of the nexus of abstract meaning we ARE all in agreement, for ''we'' ( both myself AND the system) ''have never seen anything like it.'' They haven't seen anyone continue to try to tell them something, they won't hear, for so long AND I have never seen so many people resist hearing, responding or avoiding self awareness and accounability like this bunch.

We who are psychiatrized spend enormous amounts of time and energy trying to get through to our protagonists (family members, friends, co-workers, and psychiatrists) using logic and/or trying to show them we are human beings just like them. When we become exhausted from the non-stop effort we ''withdraw'' from it to try to revitalize ourselves for the next frustrating round. Then we continue to try to get others to see us as we really are, or we withdraw exhausted and discouraged by the total lack of progress.

What we all need to do instead is just mirror back the thinking, behaviour and attitudes to those who assess and judge us in what THEY believe is a ''covert'' operation. We are going to have to SHOW them what they cannot hear or see...the truth about themselves.

In time, if enough of us hold up this mirror, for long enough, the ''Beast with many heads'' (the groupthinkers) will see itself as it truly is and the shock of that obvious, yet ''hidden'' reality may just snap them out of their group delusion of ''superiority.''

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Denise said...

I totally agree. Here is a quote from Jenny Jones the talk show host that has helped me. The quote comes from her book, "My Story" by Jenny Jones:

Quote from Jenny Jones

"There is no way to adequately describe being attacked and branded crazy and a liar and a fool. It has been devastating. You become more distrustful, more reclusive, relying on a tight group of friends for emotional support. You start to fear saying anything, writing anything, because it will be taken out of context, twisted and somehow used against you. All the critics sit in judgment without bothering to learn the facts. I can live with that because none of these people know me..." ~ Jenny Jones (Talk Show Host) , "My Story"