Friday, March 03, 2006

Undermining Authority

It's a Thankless Job But Somebody's Got To Do It
By Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D.(P)

The idea that it is even possible to live life, or to learn without making any judgements, is a serious error in judgement.

(this is one of the things we nuts tend to laugh about for ''no reason.'')

If you actually believe that you can say, ''I am non judgemental,'' and that you are telling the truth when you say it, you are seriously self deluded and have judged yourself to be incapable of discernment and therefore, you are mad as a hatter.

Nevertheless, you are quite likely preaching to the ''mad'' for their ''judgemental'' ways.

What, in your opinion, is ''poor judgement''? Make a judgement on that one for me would you? Oh I'm sorry. I forgot. You're non judgemental aren't you?

So you have no judgements on ''poor'' judgement or ''good'' judgement, all is perfect right now, and there is no need to make any judgements about anything. It is only judgement itself, in the abstract, that is wrong. Right?

Damn! I've made another judgement haven't I? Obviously, I am not as sane or smart as those who have managed to give up making judgements about things or ''others.'' At least, that seems to be their judgement of me.

Could you please, please, teach me HOW you managed to stop judging ''others'' like that? I really want to know. Unless of course, you would have to make some judgements about yourself to tell me how it was done. If so, never mind. I don't mean to drag you into my obvious insanity because of my ''confusion.'' Please just ''overlook'' it so you can stay as sane as you are right now. I am just ''seeking attention'' from you anyway.

Don't respond at all. Just ignore me. Maybe I will just give up and go away. Then you can wonder why I don't bother trying to talk to you anymore. You might think that it's just because (unlike you) I'm anti social, or crazy, or lack good communication skills, or good judgement.

You might think that, but you won't, since that, of course, would be passing judgement, and unlike me, you're a non judgemental person.

Aren't you?

I wish I could be like you but I can't. Unfortunately, I am awake to all of this.

Want to know what you get when you don't judge anything?
You get nothing. No differentiation, no discernment, no right or wrong. You get chaos. You get entropy. That's what you get.

So, the next time you ''superior'' people are tempted to ''correct'' us who blame ''others,'' unlike you who ''don't like to judge,'' please know that what we hear you saying is something like this:

''I'm a sanctimonious idiot who thinks I am correcting my ''inferiors'' by telling you I do not do, what I am doing right now, as I roll my eyes up towards heaven with a sappy look on my self deluded face. ''

Now you are starting to understand what we nuts are actually hearing when we are listening to you.
Ungrateful aren't we? Well try not to judge us. After all, we are just ''sick'' and as you already know, you can't really talk to a walking, talking disease process now can you?

Hey! Isn't that a judgement? (Can't be. You don't judge)
So, I must be crazy if I think you do. Yes. That must be it! It's not your thinking and behaviour that is the problem. It it my perception and reaction that must be the problem.

Or have I judged that incorrectly? You're the experts. So, I guess I should defer to your judgement. I will wait patiently for your clarification.

And around the circle of the co-dependent dance marathon we go again...and again...and again.....

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Anonymous said...

God Pat, you've presented so clearly the insanity of the all-knowing sane with such sanity that only the insane can understand with any sanity the insanity of what the sane are saying.