Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Defense of the System

Keeping it Simple

By Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D.(P)

There are a lot of complaints about treatment, medical or psychological, by whiny people like myself who have been on the receiving end of it. These complaints are often dismissed through the use of, what is actually a very simple process once understood.
They are made to magically disappear by defining the complaining itself, apart from facts or evidence, as part of the disease process being 'treated.' It's a sort of flip it around 180 degrees, and pull it back INTO the diagnostic snare. The doctor, who is all too often very like the patient's original protagonist, is always right. (so he or she would have us all believe anyway) I wonder if there is a course module on that? What would it be called? "Escape Proof Diagnostics" perhaps?

No one should be surprised by this flip process as that is what medicalizing human problems, which started with a phenomenon called "schizophrenia" (psychiatry's sacred symbol...Szasz) is all about. Psychiatry's goal is total control of those it defines as "mentally ill." It is this belief and attitude that is causing more 'illness' than it is ever relieving. It is built on the basis of a "magical" circle; the metaphysics of the old Bait and Switch con game.

I would guess that most psychiatrists don't see it, would think the suggestion was complete nonsense, and that most would roll their eyes at the idea and dismiss it as the ravings of a lunatic. After all, that is what they are accustomed to doing. It is how they, and all controllers, including the family type, defend themselves.

It is a simple system. You just turn the complaint around 180, invalidate it, invalidate the complainer, and then pull the complaint made, back into the system, as another 'symptom" proving how right the system is, and the correctness of those who support the system without complaining about it. The redefining of the complaint, as such, keeps the system closed, and escape proof. After you realize this, you are to give up the idea of getting through to anyone and let the whole mess go. If you don't "let it go" and continue to expect that those "others" are going to start listening and accepting your truth, that will show you are unrealistic and obsessing, since the 'normal' people would not keep trying to get through to anyone as long as you have. Since the "normal" people wouldn't do that, YOU shouldn't be doing it either (obviously) If that is not obvious to you, that just shows how stupid you are that what is obvious to so many others is not obvious to you.

Since the system NEVER apologizes for error, admits to them, or makes amends, your expectation that they will eventually do that, and show signs of ethics and integrity, is just plain delusional. Therefore, they are right to give you treatment for your ongoing and unrealistic expectations. After all. if you are expecting them to apologize or anything you MUST be 'delusional' therefore, they were right in the first place to see you that way, weren't they?

Those who stop that whining, bitching and complaining and accept themselves as defective are viewed as the GOOD patient. These are the ones you usually see 'representing' the pro psychiatry patient groups. The goal is to get everyone who is labeled "non-compliant' like myself to become like them. They are the model to which I am to aspire.

Knowing my own experience though, better than anyone else, and despite the attempt to talk me out of it, I just can't do that. I am still in touch with my own reality. Sorry. Whoops. I guess I just set myself up for further treatment when I said that didn't I?

Damn that endless infinite loop.

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