Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Common Trigger

By Krystal Klarity

One of the most common triggers for a ‘schizophrenic’ reaction is this psychological premise which is actually a mutual delusional reversal:
1. The individual in the relationship with LESS awareness, projects that onto the other,
2. The individual with the greater awareness projects that onto the other as well. Two delusional beliefs, projected in opposite directions, at the same time.

Both parties fail to understand what is really going on in both self and other, as both parties are making their judgments based on false premises; opposing false premises.I took on the role of the second one in my own breakdown which was based on previous relationships with others in very similar circumstances. I was aware of the similarity and the familiarity of it all, even though there were a couple of points I had yet to understand about this relationship dynamic. Though my own protagonist(s) still believes he understands more, when in fact, he (they) understand less, I am no longer confused by what is going on in his head, or in the heads of the others he has involved. ( huge group) since I am no longer projecting my own level of understanding onto him or the rest of them.

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