Monday, July 16, 2007

Invisibility/Inaudibility Disorder

Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

This is the disorder which allows the sufferer to be verbally/psychologically abusive to others based on the belief that he or she is ‘superior’ to the other and has therefore been rendered invisible or inaudible. This ‘disorder’ frees one to act out in contempt and disdain and excuse oneself for it, by projecting one’s own character flaws onto the other.

This is a disorder that has reached epidemic proportions, especially in A.C.T. communities where involving the dysfunctional masses has now become the pretty much the norm. It is sustained through group reinforcement. That reinforcement is based on a ‘righteousness’ generally accompanied by indignation if the behaviour is challenged, or if someone should suggest that the group members are wrong for doing what they do.
What is ‘right’ in such groups is defined by the agreements reached by the majority of members of the group, as if reality could be defined for others by means of a democratic vote.
This is, of course, also how the mob mentality is enabled and supported.

However, if the language used to describe it is tailored to fit the emotional needs of the mob members, such a reaction can be made to seem ‘normal’. They aren’t a ‘mob’ if they are a ‘social club,’ or religions, or a family, or mental health professionals now are they?

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