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Abusive Community Traumatization Teams

The Mob that is Blind to Itself
By Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D. (P)

Do you think this title is harsh?
If you do, I would bet you have not yet been on the receiving end of a ‘helping’ team which cannot hear a word you say as ‘real.’
This is the system by which many of the psychiatrized are now controlled which is called A.C.T. or P.A.C.T.

A.C.T. stands for “Assertive (aggressive) Community Treatment. They represent the new Messiah while holding those who ‘think’ they can help people in contempt and disdain for their “Messiah Complex” and their grandiosity. This is the internal reality of the system that most people do not see as they have not seen this from inside it. It is the reality of the psychiatrized, those like me, who must never whine or complain about the irrationality of a system that is blind to itself.

“What the mad say is illuminating because it presents a world through the looking glass, or indeed holds up the mirror to the logic (and psycho-logic) of sane society…the mad highlight the hypocrisies, double standards, and sheer callous obliviousness of sane society.”
From: A Social History of Madness By Roy Porter

As a member of the public, do you think this could possibly, actually be abusive? No? Well let’s look a little closer at my own experience as an example.
My experience with a psychiatric hospital occurred BEFORE A.C.T. was officially in place in this city. The control is much more extensive now and much more co-coordinated.
I am still here to tell you that what I was on the receiving end of this kind of ‘help’ even then was the most traumatic experience of my life so far. This has gone on all through this, as if this psychological assault and running community commentary on it was the best circus act they have ever had in town. I referred to it in just this way too; as a public circus. Of course those who have ale=ways assessed me from an ‘objective’ distance did not know what that meant since they did not see themselves as the other performers or audience. This kind of blindness is very common if groups.

What has made it so much worse is all the happy amused smiling and laughing about it performed for me by the whole community which now spends even more time than it did before, looking for signs and symbols of madness everywhere EXCEPT in the observers and assessors themselves of course. The community at large and those doing the training of the community at large are very good at externalizing all their own nonsense. In fact, they are experts at it and gaining in expertise all the time. My complaining about this assault though has only been answered with a load of contempt and disdain or sometimes amusement by those who in their own duplicity deny the amusement they are acting out for me in plain sight from a few feet away. The paradoxical stupidity never ends for those who do this would only be able to see it and admit to it if they could see themselves as clearly as we who are on the receiving end of it see them. Of course, we have all been defined as ‘less than’ they since such a definition of us allow them to remain in their now delusional state. Did you know that one of the signs of urn madness (and indeed there are MANY ‘sings’ to cite) is that we ‘believe’ they are duplicitous?

The community event is bad enough but now we add to it the total (and often righteously indignant) denial of it, even as it is continued by those who started it all in the first place! It boggles the mind, it really does. What kind of convoluted mental acrobatics must these normal people have needed to learn in order to re-frame an obvious reality in a way that allows them to delude themselves in such a complex and bizarre way? They often say, from a few feet away from me, that my awareness of them is ‘amazing.’ What is ‘amazing to me, from my opposite point of view, is their LACK of awareness of both me and them. How could such mesmerized unconsciousness be possible to sustain for so long? It seems impossible to me and to many others as well. That is why many of the psychiatrized believe the others must be ‘joking’ (as I did) or that they are ‘pretending’ to be stupid. I can assure you this is not pretense. It is something else altogether. They are BELIEVERS; true believers in their own invented faith and the system they have developed to indoctrinate all those ‘others’ whom they need to ‘save.’

This collective assault on an individual can be started by one person. ONE person. When you are the target to this, as I am, it all becomes more and more surreal as you try to make sense of the incredibly, unimaginably senseless. The problem is that no matter what I say, think, feel or do, I am invalidated for it, and a community wide assessment and evaluation of my experience, thoughts, feelings, desires and character follows each attempt. This is acted out for me all over town, while it is also denied by those doing it, and then seen as more ‘signs’ in ME for being AWARE of it. I am an ‘interpreted subject’ for them, made to fit into their beliefs and attitudes. That way, all the messes they make of people’s lives can continue to be judged as ‘good’ for those people who are just complaining about noting at all. The group arrogance is really quite extraordinary. Those assessing and evaluating other all days are constantly displaying their righteous indignation at the protest of those they assess. Why are we not ‘grateful’ for their constant interfering and boundary violating behaviours? It must be the supposed chemical imbalance in our brain that is causing that for it surely cannot be their arrogance and contempt that is causing the problem can it? Of course, they don’t really believe there is a ‘disease’ either. The proof is in their own reactions to anything said to them about those who are defined for them as ‘disease.’ Watch their faces and listen to their comments. If they really believed a ‘disease’ was causing us to think they were arrogant and boundary violating, would they be so angry? That anger is a defense. They KNOW what we say is true. They KNOW but they don’t want to admit they know.

If I don’t think their ‘interpretations’ of me are ‘good’ or their insistence on ‘help’ is ‘good’ then they trot out their best patronizing little tones used to ‘correct’ my perceptions and attitudes on that. I get to hear this patronizing little tone so often I swear there must be a special course being given on it at the local community college. I often want to ask them outright if they think they are ‘handling’ me well by doing that. I am sure they do. Some of them have asked the police how to ‘handle’ me. Of course, I know about this even though I am not supposed to be aware o anything beyond my own nose. This is part of the absurd community belief system that is perpetuating all of this psychiatric nonsense.

It has been a non stop boundary violation that has included citizens from every walk of life, every age group from ten to ninety, every profession and every income bracket, all believing they know everything about me and my fascinating case and that they have a perfect right to judge and blame me, spewing their own opinions of me to third parties as a ‘horrible human being’ for ‘blaming others!’ They hear no irony at all in what spills from their own judgemental, angry, loud mouths. My protagonist has referred to this expected outcome as ‘The Theatre of the Absurd.” He wanted to know if I had ever read, “Waiting for Godot’? (Later, I asked him and his supporters if HE had ever read, “The Shawshank Redemption. I am sure they are still trying to ‘decipher’ what that means as they will not communicate directly with me no matter how many times I have asked them (or begged them) to do so) That would be too sane for those who spend all their time looking for EXTERNAL ‘signs.’
A.C.T. perpetuates and legitimizes an apparently really ‘enjoyable’ community voyeurism. It has always been there but now it has been formalized and sanctioned as acceptable and even ‘necessary’ to community well being. It IS ‘amazing’ what human beings will sanctify in order to behave badly as a group and then be able to justify. The comparison to witch hunts is a very good one in my opinion.

Of course, the mental illness system hasn’t got a clue about what is really happening, or why, nor do they know they are the enablers of those whose primary goal in life seems to be the domination and control of others whom THEY consider to be their ‘inferiors.’ Perhaps the reason they don’t know is because they pretty much have the SAME goal themselves. It seems to be largely a case of ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ type of mental block. What they seem exceptionally clueless a bout is the behaviour of groups. It often seems to many of us like they have never been in the real world.
The worst thing they could ever have done is involve the public in a formalized and legally sanctioned mob assault on individuals. When someone is yelling threats at me in the town square because he is SUPPORTING the psychiatric hospital’s agenda, the ‘behaviour’ problem is in this Gung-ho supporter and presumably ‘normal’ person, not in ME for being aware of him or to objecting to his abuse. So maybe, if the mental illness system would try getting real, humanity could do something to solve the real problems instead of creating fantasy world designed to deny the existence of them.

At least before community involvement was formalized as a ‘plan’ the system pretended to be interested in ‘confidentiality and privacy, but with the adoption of A.C.T. there is no longer even the pretense that the individual has any right to privacy. Still though, if the person complains of violation it is covered by re-framing the complaints as ‘delusions.’ I’m sure it must be really great to be in the ‘winning’ position all the time no matter what is said to you or what they truth may be. I can assure you though that being in the losing position all the time is no day at the beach. Since I and many like me or in that position, you will have to ‘forgive’ us if we are less than friendly and enthusiastically co-operative with those who force us into it against our wills. So now, the whole community is involved in the modern day witch hunt. It is ironic is it not, that the proclaiming of people do be ‘witches’ was changed when their ‘witchery’ was declared to be a ‘disease process.’ They were no longer evil then, they were ‘sick.’ The phrase same ‘fertilizer’; different pile keeps popping to mind for me.

Family doctors are now being trained by psychiatry to look for signs and symbols of madness everywhere. University students stand around the town square observing the defective specimens which they have recently observed in the hospital, where they TOO have learned to be stone deaf to the patients’ truth, by re-framing it as instructed in pathological terms. Then, they point the ‘crazies’ fellow students, some of whom have them a little ‘fun’ by harassing and mocking those ‘whack jobs’ such as myself.

Former residential patients now get to live in nursing homes, (even if they are forty years old) public housing complexes, (where the other residents want to know exactly what their disability is so they can treat them accordingly) or cheap and shabby apartments, often owned by moron landlords, with others who can only affords the same sort of accommodation; often students and/or the town addicts. There, they can be harassed on a regular basis by both those who are learning to psychiatrize everyone and by the others who commonly get their jollies by bonding through abusing others who aren’t really ‘fun’ people like they consider themselves to be. Nothing gives the drunks and the junkies quite as much ‘fun’ as harassing people who are put into constant distress by their situation. The low lives really enjoy getting a ‘reaction’ out of people who have no one to help them and who have been told over and over again, how ‘inappropriate’ their anger, fear, frustration and despair is, and that it is all just meaningless. Of course, as always, any complaints of this by the psychiatrized to the psychiatrists are automatically invalidated.

As the psychiatrized person complains about his situation, more often than not, the doctor will only hear ‘symptoms’ and either increase the drug load (which is already making him sick (to suppress those ‘symptoms’) or else change the drug to another one. You see psychiatrist believe that this is all a problem in the patients brain and not a ‘sign’ that a large portion of the public gets its twisted jollies from harassing, mocking and ridiculing the well controlled helpless.

I personally know on woman who has been in a contest with psychiatry for years because of this problem. They have never believed her complaints of building harassment, yet I have heard the other tenants in at least two of the buildings she has lived in talking about ‘having a little fun with her by getting a reaction out of her when they watch her and threaten her. These are not kids talking about her but supposedly ‘sane’ human beings from forty five to seventy five years old. They still, do not know it is their behaviour that is ‘crazy’ and not the reactions of the woman they have targeted for their ‘fun.’ I have heard some of them say they also liked to ‘pound on her door’ to ‘make her jump.’ (this is invariably followed by the anal put on laughter) if you don’t know what that type of laughter is, ask a cop on domestic drunk and disorderly calls and I’m sure they can demonstrate it for you.
No doubt her psychiatrist, to whom she has complained many times, believes these others are all ‘lovely people’ (a phrase I also have heard many times) who are being unjustly accused by the patient.

In any case, the truth has become all but irrelevant since after a long ongoing series of drug changes, label changes, housing changes, and even hospital ‘treatment’ and hospital location changes, this woman has pretty much disappeared form public view. After a long stay in another city, she reappeared on a bus briefly, obviously drugged to the eyeballs, her formerly animated face (manicky!) now a dull eyed expressionless mask, her feet shuffling with effort as she now struggled to get on and off the bus.
“I just got back,’ she told a familiar bus driver. ‘The doctor says I am all better now.’
She was about to move into a ‘transitional’ residence, somewhere she can stay as ‘well’ and healthy as she is now. Hoorah. At last, I think they have found just the ‘right’ combination of drugs and behaviourist raining methods to get this own (who used to complain abut being abused) well under control and agreeable enough to internalize and repeat back with little or no coaching at all, “ I am all better now.’

Apparently she has given up all that whining, bitching and complaining about her relationships and about being mocked and ridiculed by complete strangers. If she starts again, there is now an endless supply of people trained to watch for just those ‘signs and symbols’ of emergent madness and no doubt, someone will see to it that she gets more ‘help’ right away.
I don’t think we will hear her complaining anymore about that though. She is so zonked now she can barely make a worried face so what are the odds that those types who “like to get her going’ and ‘get a reaction out of her’ will bother to try anymore? After all, if they can’t get her to react like the good old days, what ‘fun’ is that? They will just have to get their reactions out of some fresh new target won’t they?

So when the psychiatrists ask her next if people are still harassing and mocking her like before, she will likely answer honestly as always and say , ‘no.’ She will be telling the truth as always but will the doctor be able to hear it as given?
I doubt it.
I think that what he will hear is the sounds of his own belief that the ‘treatment’ has finally been ‘successful’’ and in a certain way, it IS isn’t it?

It is the belief that this group phenomenon is already understood as the problem with an individual’s brain that is keeping the problem going, growing and ‘incurable.’
You can’t ‘cure’ a societal sickness by tranquilizing those who see it, and experience it, as it really is, and who are reacting to the reality of their own lives as any human being in the same situation would do. Resistance and denial to this truth is a human problem which will n not be eradicated by zombifying those who make others uncomfortable by committing the thought crime seeing it and saying so right out loud.

Please, please, get off you’re A.C.T.

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