Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Splitting Minds

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D. (P)

Many people labelled "schizophrenic," Bi-Polar, or delusional do not know who their original protagonist really is since this seems to be an almost universally "covert" operation. It does not surprise me that the idea of the C.I.A. is a prominent metaphor for the relationship with groups like this. (Not to mention the FACT that the C.I.A. HAS been involved experimenting on psychiatric patients for decades and gets co-operation from psychiatrists in doing it.) Can you imagine what it was like to try to tell someone the C.I.A. was experimenting on you, when they were, and all anyone could here was your "delusions" about the C.I.A.?) That one was the top of the line paradoxical traps of all time! What amazes me the most is the constant denial of all of this and the need by all those involved to keep re-inventing reality to cover over the truth the majority never want to see, even though it is right in front of them. Humans beings love to invent ‘interpretations’ that make those ugly truths fade away.

Of those who actually know their protagonists, it is commonly stated by the psychiatrized that they know what is motivating THAT individual but what is not understood is what is going on in everyone ELSE who gets involved in it. Well, it is a contagion kind of thing and, as in all things in which humans engage themselves, there is ALWAYS a pay off. I think the biggest pay off for the group members is the opportunity to externalize their own problems and traits. In doing so, they FEEL better, and ‘feeling better’ rather than actually identifying and solving problems is what the majority of people seem to want these days. They feel a great release of suppressed emotion when they all focus as a group, on one person, (or smaller group) who is ‘defective’ and therefore deserving of their contempt. This person acts as a surrogate in their lives for emotional expressions for which they could not find any other acceptable outlet. They key word in that statement is ‘acceptable.’

Scapegoating is, and always has been, acceptable to human beings. When we begin to focus on our real problems of relationship it will stop being that way but not until we do. Unfortunately I think we are still at a place in our history in which we prefer to look away from long standing ugly truths. We split reality and operate from behind a veil; a calm demeanor covered with little plastic smiles that say to all those observing, “see how civilized I am?” While beneath the surface, in our self created ‘underworld’ we seethe and boil in a cauldron of ‘secret resentments and hatreds that we have all been taught to ‘hide’ or at least to pretend we have ‘hidden’ and to pretend we cannot see. We have all split our own minds in an attempt to deny our truths. We like those who go along with this illusion/delusion and we resent those who point out the blatantly obvious to us. These ones are very often the ones we label ‘mad.’
The current move towards inventing more and more ‘diseases,' which either blame the victims, or excuse the aggressors, is testimony to that fact. We don’t want to know. We don’t want to see. We want to swallow something please that will make the anxiety of it all just go away, no matter what the ultimate outcome to the individual doing the swallowing, or to the rest of society refusing to face and deal with anything.

This is what it is that is frequently going on in individual experiences of this:

The group members are being led covertly also, by the protagonist to believe that something other than what is true is going on between him/her and the soon-to-be-labelled person. Because of that, the group is basing all of their judgements which are being kept "secret" from the presumed "schizophrenic." The whole atmosphere is one of fear and suspicion, but rarely is the group which is being manipulated suspicious of the protagonist with the hidden agenda. In fact, that one is often seen as a long suffering hero or rescuer of the "sick one." He is often calm and reasonable sounding.

There IS something that is ultimately "splitting minds " in this but it is very often the reality of the situation itself that is being "split" and split by someone doing so in "secret." Then that split in reality is unloaded by group projection and reframed as a ‘disease’ in the identified patient. Dysfunctional families, and other dysfunctional groups, are just loaded with "secrets," and usually more "secrets" needed to cover up the original "secrets." Focusing on the ‘identified patient’ gets the focus OFF of everyone else involved and that frees all others to congratulate themselves on how ‘normal’ they are. The groupthink sessions reinforce that for them. They BELONG.

The individual under group pressure, constant invalidation of his/her perception of reality, denial of appropriate emotional reactions to it, and usually outright abuse of various types, breaks down in total confusion, unable to sort out the bombardment of contradictory information which in fact, makes no sense.

"Sense" has nothing to do with it. This is limbic brain stuff; emotional, irrational, adversarial and territorial. It does not exist in the identified patient and without any connection to the rest of the group. The group members just want to believe that it does and that is the GROUP delusion. You won't find the "sense" in this group dynamic no matter how hard or how long you look for it. Seeing the truth is the beginning of escape from what is unrecognized group insanity.

I believe the focus must be removed from the identified patent and that ‘schizophrenia’ MUST be understood as a group phenomenon and not an individual’s ‘disease.’ The ‘dis-ease’ is the one which is being suffered by a sick society. It is not contained neatly and safely in an individual elected to carry the burden of that for everyone else. It is time society grew the hell up.


Mark said...

"It is time society grew the hell up." Normal people need a visible, physical person/place/thing for transference of their own inner demons/self problems to put on.

If you look further, normal peoples inner demons might be from the consume and aquire physical things to be happy/fulfilled, consume and throw out economy.

Patricia, L. said...

We don't 'need' transference Rob. That is something humanity has been taught is 'normal' or common. It IS common but that does not make it 'normal' or acceptable. What we all need is enough introspection as well as awareness of others, to wake us up to the truth we don't want to accept so that all people will STOP transferring their own problems onto designated scapegoats.

Anonymous said...

I see that there is a MINORITY on our side, and a MAJORITY against us. Am I wrong? At least that's what I hear. 99 voices that insult me, and 1 or two that say I'm right. That's the true tragedy of the world: the masses are asses.

Patricia said...

The masses ARE asses yes. It is the group mind that is the problem I think. Most 'normal' people are followers BUT things are changing and we, as a collective consciousness, are what the change is all about. We will reach critical mass and the world will become a better place. Don't give up. I am 'the fat lady' and 'it ain't over till I sing.' (smiling)