Wednesday, March 19, 2008

That Dr. Gomer Pyle Moment

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

I wonder if the day will ever come when the group as a whole will have that ‘Gomer Pyle moment.’ “Well……We, the people DOING the talking ARE the ‘people’ ‘they think’ are the people talking about them. Shazam!

‘They’ understand more about what is going on with us than ‘we’ understand them, or even ourselves. Yet we always think we are superior and call what we do ‘help.’ All this is because we have convinced ourselves that the reality of the situation is just the opposite. We have believed ‘they’ are not consciously aware of “us’ or their own reality and that ‘we’ are the more conscious. Aren’t ‘we’ just a bunch of real dough heads! As it turns out it has all been the other way around the whole time!
So all that ‘amusement’ we display while harassing the ‘crazies,’ along with the whole population we have trained to think and behave like we do, looks to ‘them’ to be exactly what it is. From ‘their’ point of view, we all look like members of an insane unpredictable mob enjoying ourselves immensely by driving them into madness.

Then, we excuse ourselves by convincing ourselves, and also trying to convince ‘them’ that they were mad in the first place so ‘they’ won’t know what ‘we’ are doing!
After that, if they complain about us, we just deny the whole thing and then, further abuse our power as a group over ‘them,’ by ordering them not to know, what they know, about ‘us’ and threatening them with psychiatric tortures. We then further invalidate them for failing to ‘comply’ with our cover up by accepting the alternate version of reality we have fabricated for them.
We often do this in the name of protecting the public when in fact, it is more often the identified patient who will now need the protection FROM the public. So that’ s why it’s ‘incurable.’ Well, Shazam!

It’s our own denial and resistance to the truth that is the real problem; traits we have unloaded by our own mechanism of subjective projection. Isn’t it amazing that we can know this about ‘others’ but not see a hint of it in ourselves! Shazam! It is not really ‘their’ problem at all. It is a universal human problem of co-dependent relating. Well…Gol…ol…ee.!

We have been driving them deeper into permanent breakdown, not really helping them at all and deluding ourselves that this is a ‘solution.’ Why no wonder they think we are all Nazis! THAT’S why so many of the patients seem to hate us so much. Not only are we actively denying ‘their’ reality, we are also forcing them to suppress all their anger and fear about it. We are keeping them trapped within our diagnoses and making them societal scapegoats as well as causing repeat breakdowns of their psychological integrity- all of which keeps the cycle repeating to infinity. That is why the feelings and visions of the void, the abyss, lost in space, and ceasing to exist as a person comes to ‘them.’ “We’ are the cause that affects ‘them’ but we have all believed that ‘they’ are the problem affecting all of ‘us.’ Why, no wonder it’s so confusing!

(That is how I like to envision that moment of mass ‘enlightenment.’)

Now speaking for myself, I wonder if these people can imagine what it must feel like to be me, sitting in a psychiatrist’s office and being told how ‘inappropriate’ it would be of me to attempt to tell anyone about my own experience of ‘them.’
What do they think it feels like to be forced out of my job as part of the coercive tactics and have my employer told I am ‘without any prospect of recovery’ and that I am insane and need to be drugged?
How would they feel if any of this was done to them? Or do they just tell themselves as usual that it is not the same thing when it is done to me and to those like me? How would they like to be told that if they tried to tell anyone about this (in public) or ask anyone if they have heard anything about this, they would be stopped because the psychiatrist warning you says he ‘cannot allow that?’
How about being told over and over again, that I have unrealistic expectations if I think that the people who joined my protagonist in doing this are ever going to admit to anything?
What do they think it is like to be told in that oh so patronizing tones that those who make speeches about ethics and integrity will not be owning their own behaviour as it would not be in THEIR own interest to do so?
Can the people who are running this ACT even imagine what it must be like to be forced to sit and listen to all this double dealing crap, watch them abuse their power, and hear it all delivered with that flat affect in their insane certainty that their understanding of my life and experience is so much better than mine?
The reason they don’t hear their own truth is because they have deluded themselves that the person assigned the role of patient doesn’t hear it either.

“We’ hear it. “They’ don’t.

This is the effect on the individual being psychiatrized. This effect comes from the collective state now considered to represent the ‘norm’ which is actually a delusional reversal. Though (for me) It WAS once a state of mutually delusional reversal, the ‘mutual’ part has been gone from my half of the transaction for many years now. Still it persists in those superior ‘others’ who can never be blamed.
All I have been doing since then is working to bring the psychiatrists and the rest of the population out of their persistent trance state.
This is so extremely difficult because the group members keep reinforcing the false beliefs and errors in judgement in each other as their preferred means of ‘protecting’ the group as a whole from the dreaded blame or unwanted consequences.
I am aware, and have been aware, that this is a major battle between the opposing psycho spiritual forces and that ‘we’ (the psychiatrized) are seriously outnumbered and overpowered by the other (fabricated) ‘side.’ So, I keep ‘circling’ hoping the constant vibrations I am sending out into the ‘ether’ of collective public madness and the defense of the status quo, will eventually cause the walls of the great resistance to truth to just fall down.
It feels much like wearing down a mountain with a garden hose. It may look really silly but there is more power in the garden hose than anyone might think could be possible.

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