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Reveal and Heal: Ideas, Proverbs and Observations: Two

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D. (P)

The most profoundly contemptuous people are those who, most often operate from behind the biggest and broadest of saccharine smiles. They are often praised for their “social skills,” a fa├žade of nice manners and friendliness, placed like a garish mask over their true personalities. It reminds one also of shiny gift paper with a bright bow wrapped carefully and lovingly around a big dog turd.

Cesar Millan, aka The Dog Whisperer, keeps telling the dog owners: (paraphrased) “You are thinking of your dog as if he were a human being. A dog does not have the same needs as a human being and he does not think like a human being. Unlike human beings, a dog feels secure when he is dominated by his master. That is why treating him like a human being or like your child does not work.

Calling all psychiatrists and behaviourists!

To understand where you’ve gone wrong, and why it doesn’t work read the above quote and then flip it around one hundred and eighty degrees.

Here, I will get you started…”You are thinking of a person as if she was your dog…

Homogenized Spirit

No ‘cream’ will ever rise to the top since good and evil are now being homogenized at an increasingly alarming rate…

The mind is to the brain as software is to computer hardware.Psychiatrists like to get the bugs out of the software by hitting the C.P.U. with a ‘sledgehammer’ of electricity or chemicals.If the unit doesn’t improve after that, it can only be because the C.P.U. is ‘sledgehammer resistant.’

On ‘Them’ and ‘Us’

If a healthy reality is still seen as a choice between the Self OR the ‘other’, a state of adversarial, rather than complementary, opposites still exists.

In true integration, we are completely separate as individual identities AND (not or) completely connected psycho-spiritually at the same time.

"I-Thou" must exist in terms of separate identity on the physical level, at the same time that it does not exist on the psycho spiritual level. On the spiritual level we are one and we are many, at the same time.

On Truth

We who are the psychiatrized must know this; that when we tell the truth of our experience to others who choose not to believe us, their choice to do so is based upon THEIR perception/reaction problem and not ours. To be free of their projections, we must know this with all of our minds, all of our hearts, and all of our souls. They may still maintain a lot of physical control over us but we CAN get our own minds back, stabilize permanently and maintain Self control.

As we do, we can learn to deal with those who don't know the truth when they hear it, in whole new and effective ways. We learn to stop playing into their belief system once we understand what their belief system actually is. Once we understand it, their ideas, behaviour and flat, or inappropriate, affects won't confuse us anymore. We may then even be able to find some new ways to change the status quo.

Hot or Cold?

It is the people who blow whichever way the wind blows, those who agree with whomever they happen to be with at the time, and who stand for nothing specific, who are often the most popular. Everyone likes them for they are an offense and a threat to no one. They want to be liked.There is a kind of "Christian" who operates like that. He or she is "friendly" to everyone and often claims it is a Christian trait. At least, they are "friendly" to peoples' faces. It is often true that these "friendly" people, that everyone likes, turn out to be the people who are playing everyone off against each other so that they can remain "popular" by appearing to be innocent to all of any wrongdoing.


A major problem the psychiatrized have is the ''invisibility'' factor. Many of us already felt invisible as the human beings we actually are in the original group setting that caused our emotional/psychological distress in the first place.The mental illness machine tends to reinforce that as it seems the only ''consumers'' getting positive press coverage are those who have been successfully ''converted'' to the Psychiatric Faith and are willing to be put forward to the public as shining examples of the faithful.The hundreds of thousands of us who represent the dissatisfied ''customers'' are usually silenced quite simply by claiming our ‘dissatisfaction’ is yet another ''symptom'' ''proving'' the need for control and treatment. How familiar this tautology is to so many of us coming FROM situations of abuse of power and not-so-hidden agendas of domination and submission.

Jon Stewart States The Obvious,The Daily Show,September 7th, 2005

First he shows the audience a clip of four American politicians who enjoy power and control over others, all seemingly in agreement and sidestepping responsibility for their own attitudes and behaviour involving their poor performance in crisis situations. All were keen to tell us that we don't want to "play the blame game."

Commented Jon Stewart in response: "When people don't want to play the blame game....They're to blaaaammme...."

Wrong Reactions

It is no coincidence that those who are telling us we are having the "wrong" reactions to what they say, or do to us, are ALSO the ones who tell us we are not "allowed" to talk back as it is this ‘talking back’ which is the ‘real’ problem.

Doesn't Compute

The personal lives of individuals cannot be described or defined with abstract concepts apart from the concrete details that shape them.

What's the Cause?What most often drives people crazy is other people who can't ever be blamed for driving people crazy.

Solving The Puzzle:

We can try to solve a puzzle forever with a piece missing. If we believe everyone involved really wants it solved, we will keep trying. If we however, we knew from the beginning that removing the piece we need was a deliberate and conscious act intended to keep us either trying to resolve it, without a snowball's chance in Hell of doing so, or that the act was done to cause us to ultimately "let go" of our effort to solve it, we would never have invested such energy and effort in the pursuit of resolution in the first place. What we might have chosen to do instead, is expose the one who hid the missing piece, so that everyone else involved could understand exactly WHY the puzzle could not be solved and why there was so much confusion created. For once the missing piece is located, and the one who hid it identified, his covert agenda exposed, the puzzle is complete and the endless effort that was put into solving the unsolvable is no longer required. We then can see the clear picture we were trying to put together for so long.

Offered As a Choice
We must either "forgive" our unrepentant protagonists OR be filled with hate and bitterness for the rest of our lives.
THAT isn't true. Who put those two together and told us we had to pick one? We don't need to forgive those who wrong us and show us no contrition. We just need to detach emotionally from their nonsense. If we do, and learn to blame without taking vengeance, we won't need to stay co-dependently attached to them for the rest of our lives. What’s missing in this are good boundaries. If we develop them, we escape from enmeshment with those who can't be either reasoned with or "blamed" for anything despite any evidence to the contrary. It then stops mattering so much what they do, as their lack of boundaries is recognized as their problem and not ours.

Direct Your Anger

Use its energy to Reveal and Heal. Use motto T-Shirts. There is a "joke" T-shirt which says, "I used to be schizophrenic but we're all right now." Let's wear it and MEAN it.

Take your own power back without taking away anyone else's personal power in the process.

Disempower the mocking and the ridicule by holding up a mirror to those who do it. Cause the blind to see their own face, and the deaf to hear their own taunting voices. Show them what they cannot or WILL not see and hear.

Go Public
Sit in busy restaurants with two or more psychiatrized people and discuss your experience with psychiatrists, hospital stays, nurses, etc, and all the anti logic used to manipulate you. If you catch sight of one of those jerks that seem to be everywhere, (the ones with the eyes glowing with amusement because they 'think" they are hidden and you can't ‘see’ them) say something to let them know they aren't "invisible" to stupid crazy you. Be sure to talk about them in the third person as if they weren't there. And remember, should one of them ask if you are talking about them be sure to reassure them by saying, "Oh no. I wasn't talking about you. You are just reading too much into things”. Then offer him, or her, the name of your psychiatrist.

What's Hidden: The missing puzzle piece in most of these mind games is in the fact that there is always one person (and sometimes MORE than one) who is operating with a hidden agenda of domination and submission. This one manages to successfully manipulate a group of people involved by having them believe that the reality of the situation between him and his victim is the exact opposite of what he is presenting as the case.

Messages off the T.V. for Psychiatry: 2007

There has been a new movie released.“The Invasion”The promo states: "The alienists….uh…I mean… “The aliens” (yes…that’s it…aliens…) “are trying to destroy everything that makes us human…..Don’t show emotion…”

"You can't reason with a sociopath; it doesn't work. The only way you can talk to him is by mirroring back to him everything he does and says himself."
Charles Epps on "NUMB3RS"
(Get the message there?)

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