Monday, June 16, 2008

A Little Introspection Exercise For Psychiatrists

A Little Introspection Exercise for Psychiatrists

Especially My Own
By Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D.(P)

If you could REALLY ‘cure’ what you refer to in abstract terms as ‘mental illness’ and stop all the suicides and/or murders which take place now, related to all these diagnoses, by changing the premise of your belief system, would you do it?

Would you let go of your bio-chemical beliefs as the cause of psycho-spiritual distress if you knew that wasn’t it?

Would you defend your position and your treatment anyway?

Would you be willing to risk losing the power, control, money, status, and politics you have now if you could really change the world for the better by giving it up?

If you knew (or know) you were (or are) wrong, would you admit to it and change, or would you just keep right on pretending that you didn’t know?

Do you prefer to keep your membership in the ‘club’ in good standing?

Are you willing to knowingly sacrifice the lives of others to take care of your own interests?

Will you always opt to keep your mouth shut when confronted with ethical questions?

Do you like to be respected and admired even if it is based on fear of you?

Why don’t you all just sit and think about this for awhile?

While you do, know that I and tens of thousands of others just like me are sitting and thinking about that too. When we all think it through, do you think that both sides will come to the same conclusions?
Feel free to comment here. The only ones I won’t post are those who are either overtly vicious or threatening.

(Bet that I get a whole lot of silence from one side. Of course that is what I am used to anyway isn’t it?)

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