Saturday, February 28, 2009

Psychiatric Naivete

By Patricia Lefave

I think that the level of naiveté and denial coming from psychiatrists is absolutely astounding. I never would have believed it if I had not experienced this for myself. I am aware that it is reinforced by their self programming but it still amazes me. A lot of the psychiatrized have tried to tell me there is no way all these psychiatrists could possibly be this stupid. They are just pretending to be stupid.

I think that on a certain level that’s true. For example, when they are threatening coercing and creating fear responses, they know that they are doing that. What they don’t know is that this is reinforcing a psycho-spiritual ‘illness’ or sometimes, creating it for the first time.

I think the arrogant certainty they have about everything is part of the reason many of us think they are ‘acting’ or pretending to be stupid. What it really is though is their belief that we are stupid, when in fact, we are confused by their obvious duplicity which they believe is ‘hidden.’ They also seem to enjoy thinking we are unaware we are being coerced and pressured.

I think the arrogant certainty so many of them have about knowing everything is part of the reason many of us think they are ‘acting’ or ‘pretending’ to be stupid.What it really is though is their belief that WE are stupid, when in fact, we are being confused by their obvious duplicity, which I am sure they ‘think’ is well hidden from us.Their ‘disconnect’ from the reality of everyday life is pretty amazing too. The name they gave to themselves long ago- ‘alienists’- actually seems pretty apropos to me. They often act as if they were ‘aliens’ newly arrived here from some other planet since they sure don’t seem to understand what life is like on THIS one.

Their biggest problem is caused by their focus on individuals as self contained problems to whom they then assign roles. When they do that they are like horses with blinders on. They then see nothing beyond their narrow focus. Then it gets even worse.

One of the most consistent feelings I have had is that of never actually being HEARD and the reason for that is because what I am saying is, quite simply, NOT heard. The alienists never take anything the patient says at face value; not if they are being “good” alienists. Only the ‘bad’ alienists are still able to relate as humans. That is a pretty bizarre notion isn’t it? That though is the system, and the system is based on bizarre notions of ‘them and us’ and the rest of the fabrications in Psy-Fi that support that.

This attitude of the alienist has made genuine direct communication impossible. The ‘better’ the alienist, the less likely communication will occur and I have a met a couple of really ‘good’ ones. IN my own case especially, I am sure that is just the way they wanted it too. For it was the employees of the hospital itself, about whom I was ‘complaining,’ and what happened with them, did so as I worked alongside them. I often wonder if these people treat family members and friends of their own the same way. Do they spend their off duty time looking for (and finding) hidden meaning and ‘signs’ everywhere? When they find themselves saying things like, “if you find yourself looking for ‘hidden meaning’ that’s a sign you’re psychotic,’ do they ever see that ‘sign’ in themselves? In my experience with them, they never seem to be able to hear themselves; to really hear what they are saying.

Do they recognize the split reality they have had to create to accommodate their adversarial style of (you should pardon the term) ‘reasoning’?I am going to start some new analyses here. I am going to start analyzing and assessing the analysts and assessors from the point of view of those they control, like me. It is my hope that by doing so, those of you who feel confused and sometimes dumbfounded by your experience of them and your strange stilted relationships with them, will become much less so and more people (as some have already told me) will discover an ‘a-ha!’ type moment.

There are parts of this experience with them that I have had an extraordinarily difficult time wrapping my mind around mainly because ‘logic’ (which I was trying to use) had nothing at all to do with it. So, as long as I approached it ‘logically’ it didn’t make any sense. When I saw it as a group delusion and reality reversal though, then it started to make sense and as soon as I changed my premise, the concrete details started to click into place. It took a while and I was fought on it by others involved but I kept going along that line and it has all pretty much straightened out and I can see the overall picture quite clearly now.

I am not the first person to see this, as I have discovered in my own research on the subject since, but I am still numbering among the few, not the many. I hope that by sharing my own realizations about it, I can help speed up the collective awakening process. It is those who are considered to be the most crazy whom I believe are often the closest to real understanding.

So, if you are labelled and reading this blog, don’t despair fro you are in some very good company. The senses of recognition is not because you too are ‘mad’ but because you are having a similar experience in real life, with real people, to that of others who are also called ‘mad’ for seeing it.

One of the interesting things psychiatry does, consistently, for power and control is to make all our attempts to escape the trap appear to be MORE’ signs and symptoms’ indicating to them ,and the public, how ‘right’ they are to keep us in it.

Does this feel familiar to some of you? Basically, it’s this (metaphysically):

The controller invalidates everything the controlled one says, or feels about being controlled by the controller.

No explanations are accepted.

No facts are accepted.

No evidence is accepted.

And no emotional reactions are accepted as legitimate from the one being controlled, by the one doing the controlling.

The only things that ARE accepted by the controller are whatever facts or feelings of the other do not interrupt or affect his or her desires: Period.

So when you look for logic in a relationship like this, you have set for yourself an impossible task in which chaos and confusion tends to rule the day. As soon as you STOP looking for reason in the details and know instead that the reason the controller does what he says and does is for the purpose of having power and control over others, then you will know WHY.

So many of us ask this question:

‘WHY are you doing this to me?’

(Lying, manipulating, coercing, fabricating multiple versions of reality which makes no sense to us etc.)

The controller does these things to gain and hold POWER. That is who he is and he believes he is ENTITLED to behave this way which is why we cannot reason with him.If you understand this and a few other necessary points, your confusion will start to clear up.

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