Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Mental Illness System's Bizarre Concepts About 'Reality'

Also used by all other dysfunctional groups.

Concept one:
People choose to be victims.
(Which suggests they can also choose not to be victims; also frequently stated)

Reality check:
People don’t choose to be victims. Aggressors choose people as victims. Sometimes it is for a specific ‘reason’ and sometimes it is not but it is not the victim’s choice. That is why we victims ‘whine bitch and complain’ about it.
Now ask yourself why you would say that and why you want to believe that. There is a ‘reason’ you do that.
I would like to suggest to you two reasons I see immediately and they are all about you and not about ‘reality’ at all.

Reason one:
If victims choose to be victims and you are a person who is not going to ‘choose’ to be a victim, then you are safe from being victimized aren’t you? You have convinced yourself you have the personal power to protect yourself from all external harm. It is a nice little delusion you have there; really it is and I understand it too and why you would want to keep that. But really, you experts, this is a denial of reality and you know what we call people who deny reality don’t you?
That’s right; we call them ‘crazy.’

Reason 2:
If victims choose to be victims then they deserve what they get for making such a choice. In fact, (as many a psychopath could tell you) it is their fault the aggressor is thinking and behaving the way he is and in fact, they are MAKING him do it! So really, he should be getting a lot of sympathy for putting up with the lousy victim for making such a choice and causing HIM so much trouble. Yes, that’s it…that’s it exactly!
Beyond this of course, there are some real benefits for all others who see it this way too aren’t there?
What would that be you ask? (or would ask, if you were inclined to talk genuinely and directly to me)
Victims who cause their own victimization and who ‘deserve’ it, make great scapegoats for others and as such supply all people with socially acceptable targets for the release of all the suppressed emotion the world has stuffed down, or drugged down, so those who do so can feel they are ‘normal’ and still find an outlet for emotional release.

You see, blaming victims for BEING victims creates a magic circle of dysfunction inside of which groups or mobs of people can hide their true natures and not be help responsible for it at all. It is like a safety circle of metaphysical magic. This belief does two things at the same time. Besides blaming the victims for their victimization, it excuses aggressors, and all the supporters and enablers of the aggressors, for targeting others. That, you ‘normal’ people, creates and sustains an infinite loop of destruction.
(Just like it was identified in my own psychosis)

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