Monday, July 20, 2009

The Late Professor Heinz Leymann Sweden

Why we all need to STOP focusing on the ‘identified patient’ (usually “covertly”) and Look at the WHOLE GROUP- PL

Personality as a diagnostic feature
© Heinz Leymann - file 32170e

The Mobbing Encyclopaedia

One quite often hears the theory that a harassed person´s "pre-morbid personality" should be blamed as the social factor that triggers for mobbing situations. This notion is also very widely spread amongst professionals. But until today, empirical research on adult mobbing, which began in 1982, has not been able to relate the cause of a mobbing process to the victim's personality. Not even similar research concerning child mobbing in schools (e. g. Olweus, 1993) has shown any such connection.
... We have seen individuals with both symptoms, mainly individuals who, after several years of trying to protect themselves, are still suffering from lengthy and daily victimization at work....
Cashew Commentary: You know how this sounds to me? Like the aggressor who states, “I would not be doing this to you if you weren’t making me do it.” Gee ...poor sick ‘us’....FOCUS on the symptoms of the ‘sick’ GROUP with the same gusto that you now use with that ‘clinical gaze’ focused on the targeted victim.

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