Sunday, September 27, 2009

Abuse as Tautology

By Patricia Lefave

If I were to state a basic theory for the acting out of a sick society I think it would go something like this:

This group behaviour targeting individuals and the acting out of a group contempt and various abuses on them is perceived as acceptable by the group members as long as they can keep themselves convinced that the individuals to whom they do it are such inferior humans, that they can't see, hear or truly understand what the group members do, which in itself, justifies the group members 'reason' for doing it.

If the mental illness system ever really wants to aim for mental 'health,' 'It' is going to have to face this reality and deal with it by getting the focus OFF of the target's reactions to it, and onto the existence of, and the predictably destructive consequences brought about by this dysfunctional GROUP delusion.
The rage and hatred coming out of these people and then enacted upon people they don't even know, is not born of 'reason' but of suppressed emotion. Those dysfunctional, group-approved, plastic smiles are COSTING them something, and they are not going to let go of the acting out on surrogates, upon whom they unleash all that 'concealed' rage and contempt, without putting up a fight to defend their actions. They NEED this action to keep functioning in the expected, and approved, dysfunctional ways.

If, as professionals, you see it, and then turn away from it, you are then complicit in offering up 'sacrifices' to the gods of domination and dysfunction.

What you do when blind to it is one thing. What you continue to do AFTER you know better is quite another.

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