Sunday, September 27, 2009

Encore : Messages Off the T.V.

Just for Psychiatrists

This is from the episode in which the problems of a patient are identified by Jack as generated by the patient’s memories of a previous life. Jack and the attending psychiatrist discuss their beliefs, or lack of them, in regards to life regression and reincarnation. Jack asks the other directly; "So you are actually a believer then?"
The Attending: "I would never say any such thing as it would do my career no good at all. It would finish it for me.''

Same episode another patient is getting messages from his grandfather off the radio. His psychiatrist accepts it as reality based, in some way, rather than dismissing it or ridiculing it and the patient improves and starts to get calm with it. Soon, he says, that his grandfather has left a message for his psychiatrist too and this is the message:

"Stay tuned; big changes are coming"

A lot of us have gotten the same message. I sure wish more psychiatrists would get the message....don't you? Try just thinking about it WITHOUT pathologizing it.

From the Fox Series, Mental
Also available in Canada on Global

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