Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lost in Psychiatric Ambiguity

By Patricia Lefave

Focus: Psychiatrists say that if you were REALLY crazy you wouldn't know it.

Question for psychiatrists: Is psychiatry crazy? What is your answer?
Yes or no?

This is the kind of conceptual experience we who are labelled have with psychiatry. That is because the DSM, their "Bible," is the same kind of vague ambiguous abstraction written in absolute terms, disconnected from all concrete evidence or specific detail, that is also used in cults, and all other dysfunctional groups.That makes it political, NOT medical.

When you are on the receiving end of this non stop tautology, it can actually get absurdly funny; at least for a time. It stops being 'funny' when as the psychiatrized one, you come to realize there is NO way out of this conceptual trap, since no fault can be found in either the system or those who create, enable and support the system in the name of 'help.' The system validates itself by invalidating all objections to it and then INCLUDING those objections inside the system's identification of symptoms of 'mental illness.' That makes it an infinite loop that can't be seen unless you either see the whole pattern, or get OUTSIDE the loop itself to see it from that perspective. It is a way of controlling those who find fault in the system by claiming they are 'crazy' for seeing it, and then including what is seen, in a book they write themselves, so they can show the objector it is written in a book, which 'proves' the system is right!
In this way, the 'splitting' of reality is maintained, just as it is in any other dysfunctional group. "Fault finding," the ambiguous concept spoken about in absolute terms, disconnected from concrete specific detail, is a 'symptom' of yours when you find the fault in psychiatry or the psychiatrist who is supporting psychiatry. ( as it is when opposing the controllers in other groups) It is NOT however, a symptom of either psychiatry or the psychiatrist's, when the fault' is found to be in you. When it is them doing it, it magically becomes a righteous concept not a 'fault.'
One of the proposed 'mental illnesses' for the next round of the DSM, currently being compiled in 'secret' by the CIA-like profession, is "Bitterness Disorder." I do hope the psychiatrist enthusiastically promoting this idea does not become bitter if it does not get included. If he does, there will be no one to get him the treatment for it he obviously needs and deserves.
He probably would not see the humour in this. Perhaps that is because he is suffering from Obfuscation Syndrome. I hope that some dedicated psychiatrist can get an intervention underway ASAP.

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Cameron said...

Wow!!! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! Thank You for pointing some of these things out in such a way that makes sense