Sunday, October 18, 2009

You Don't Know What Words Mean

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

That title is one of the concepts out of my nurse co-worker/protagonist's so called training.
Let me give you a concrete example of that so you can see, what I am talking about when I try to explain.

What do you think this means?

"Bill Gains Strength"

Do you think you know? Are you sure? Does it seem 'obvious' to you?
Ok, well let's look closer. Who or what is 'Bill'?
Is this a man?
Is it a dog?
Is it the bill of a bird of some kind?
Does it mean the dollar bill in the U.S.?
Is it the bill for a meal you just ate?
Is it a bill for some other kind of services rendered?
Is it a political bill someone is trying to push through parliament?

What kind of strength is it, or 'he,' gaining?
Is the gaining of strength a good thing or a bad thing?
Is it irrelevant?
Is Bill working out at the gym and gaining big muscles?
Is a dog named Bill recovering from his trip to the vet?
Is the parrot's broken bill healing or is it just getting bigger as the parrot matures?
Is it the American dollar getting stronger on the international markets?
Did you put that meal for which you were just billed, on your credit card?
Are there more members of parliament willing to support the desired legislation?

So which is it?
Do you not know? Is that because you are stupid and/or crazy? Or is it because you do not have enough concrete information to be able to know? In one way though, you have too much information don't you? Let me help you; not by calling you crazy and drugging you, but by giving you the missing information you need to make sense of the information you already have, which will also involve eliminating all the extra information which does not really apply to THIS case, though it may apply to some other case, which is using the same WORDS but meaning something else.
Here it is:
The statement: "Bill Gains Strength", is from the weather network. That is the missing information in THIS case.
Bill is the name of the current hurricane and it is gaining strength as it moves up the coast to Florida. It is a simple truth isn't it? Of course you could have found out by just asking me but if you were trying to keep yourself convinced you were 'hiding' and also had an understanding superior to mine in this matter, you would not want to do that as that would ruin all your 'fun.' (not to mention your own delusions of grandeur)
Now try to imagine what that kind of non communication could do to a person who was targeted for 'confusion' by someone with a 'hidden agenda' of domination.

Psychosis can be triggered by just this kind of disconnect from concrete reality.
When you cannot pin it down, especially when you are on the receiving end of a bombardment of multiple versions of reality by those around you coupled with a non stop contradiction, it can become impossible to stay connected. The next thing that happens is your brain tries to help by going on a mad search for meaning that will allow you to make some kind of sense of your external experience.

That does not mean there is something 'wrong' with your brain. It is doing what it is built to do which is functioning like a computer sorting information. BUT when there is too MUCH information and/or some vital information missing, it cannot function as intended as the search for meaning does not result in resolution. THAT has to come from an external source like supplying 'a key' for the completion of the sorting action.

When I was in psychosis I 'saw' Solomon's 'key.' That was the symbolic imagery. That 'key' was the story of the false parent whose 'solution' was the acceptance of dividing the 'baby' in half to be 'fair' to all and not 'blame' anyone. Solomon knew that only a false parent would sanction the killing of her own offspring as a 'solution' to. a dispute between two sides.

That psychotic symbolism had great significance for me. To most psychiatrists of course, it is meaningless.

They are wrong about that.

There I go with my 'fault finding' again. According to some of the psychiatric hospital staff, on their next round of debate with me as their long standing topic, this indicates I likely need another stay in the loony bin. Should I be expecting the ACT team to knock on my door with a police officer as part of the new pre-emptive strike being delivered by those who deny that they know anything at all about this? Many think it would be for the best if they got me the 'help' I obviously need. At least, that is what they say when they talk about me like I am not there.

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