Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Splitting and Projecting 'Normal”
Comedy in Real Life

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic 'sad case'

Handyman Stalker working for the psych hospital, to Illegal Entry Landlord:
“Now she thinks people are following her. She told someone she thinks you're sneaky and you say she complained her last landlord did not respect her privacy either? Unbelievable man...unbelievable...these whack jobs, I tell ya...
Why I have been following her all day, and I haven't seen anybody, anywhere NEAR her. I think you and I had better go into her apartment while she is at work and see if we can spot any signs of her insanity. “

IE Landlord: “No problem. I'll get the key right now. “

H.H. Stalker:“But don't you need permission to enter? Naw...don't worry about it. I do this all the time. After all, a landlord has to protect his property. Especially from all these paranoid whack jobs who think people are watching them and talking about them behind their backs. I even have a bugging system planted in my tenants apartments called “Whisper-In” Isn't that cute? that I can listen to all their conversations just in case they may be planning to cause me any problems. My grandchildren, to whom I am teaching my splitting philosophy, “treat others as though they are not as real, or worthy, of life or respect as you,” come home after school with their little friends and listen in on them like it was a radio show. I think they should learn what paranoid people are really like.”

The Mind Splitters
These are the people who engage in splitting their own minds, interfere covertly in the lives of others, and then blame the results of that on those they target, by claiming it is the targets' perception/reaction problem, rather than their own thinking, behaviour and delusional projections.
I have called this societal illness S.A.C.S and Folie de Foule, which stands for superiority, concealment and mob madness. My awareness of this group phenomenon has been defined as my delusions but in fact it is just the opposite. It is the group which is in denial and projecting it's own splitting of reality onto the targets who are seen by them as 'less than.'
Knowing this does not help at all of course, since it is one of the primary beliefs of the mob that 'sanity' can be determined by group consensus and authoritarian pronouncements. Once the mob madness takes over and has been established in the group mind as 'reality,' the real work begins; the effort to maintain the group delusion.
The reality of the target must now be “spun' and 'interpreted' constantly in order to make it fit into the group delusions. In order to do this successfully a great deal of 'secrecy' must be accepted as part of 'normal' group behaviour and any genuine, direct communication with the targeted 'abnormal;' must be avoided at all costs. Otherwise a group member may be forced to hear information that is not wanted or even worse, may be asked some questions by the target that the group members really do not want to be asked and surely do not want to have to answer.


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