Thursday, July 29, 2010

One Degree of Separation

This is the hardest thing to get anyone to see and hear because it is the simplest and most obvious.

The gossip mongering of the group involved and the’ paranoid delusions and hallucinated conversations’ I was presumed to have are ONE and the same thing.

When psychiatry rejects an obvious truth, because it can’t handle the idea of ‘blame’ as an abstraction, under ANY conditions, it invents a new MEANING for the targeted person, or group’s reality. When the person accused, supposedly ‘falsely,’ is, in fact, to blame for an event or behavior, the search for an alternate meaning to explain that all away, results in blaming the victim for being a victim AND (twisted or ‘switched’ integration of opposites) supports and enables the aggressor(S).

This is HOW domination types ‘win’ the contest they believe they are in with other people and as I have said many times before, “He (they) couldn’t do it without all of you to help him (them). If most people just obeyed the laws we already have instead of running around breaking them, and then acting like amateur C.I.A. agents, most of the domination and submission types could not do what they do now.

One other suggestion:
Would all of you mental health workers, at any and all levels, PLEASE stop the auto response bit, “we can’t blame others.” Most of you do this the instant it sounds like anyone even close to becoming psychiatrized just begins to suggest that he or she has been ‘harmed by others.’ “Blame” MEANS, “to hold accountable.”

Perhaps if we all stopped the auto response and tried a bit of discernment by attaching these ideas to SPECIFIC situations, people and evidence, we could actually help people who have been victimized by those ‘others’ (who must never be blamed), learn how to deal more effectively with the jackasses who count on this ludicrous, all inclusive notion to help them do whatever they like and get away with it.

We CAN blame others, when others should be blamed, and are to blame. Most of you who claim ‘we cannot blame others’ already DO that, but then deny it. In fact you spend a great deal of time blaming the victims for “blaming others.” It is most likely to be used when it is one of you, or someone belonging to your particular group, who is being blamed whether it is justly so or not.

Please stop using “we can’t blame others’ as a knee jerk response. The others who ARE to blame love it when you say that, since it helps them ‘win.’

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