Saturday, July 10, 2010

Psychiatric Infinite Loop

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

Psychiatry also flips reality around one hundred and eighty degrees. Here is a concrete example for you of how this is done.

If an individual assigned the mental patient role says, "There is something wrong with my psychiatrist's thinking, though I am not sure what it is. There is something wrong with the whole system. It is the system that needs to change," that statement is defined as a symptom in the patient. It is defined that way because psychiatry has written it in the Big Book of Insanity, declaring it to BE a symptom. So the mental illness 'experts' go to school and get trained to hear that statement in terms of pathology.

What it actually is, is a statement of fact delivered by the identified patients who understand what is being done to them, in terms of their own experience of reality, which is being DENIED as valid.

Psychiatry has of course, heard this same kind of 'story' over and over again, from people in deep distress over what we 'claim' is being done to us and what those DOING it 'claim' is not being done. They decided long ago that this sort of thing simply does not happen in families or in any other dysfunctional groups, therefore the 'claim' that it happens is heard by them as the insanity of the individual who is telling them what has happened to him or her at the hands of group of others; 'others' who can never be 'blamed' for anything.

So what the profession has done is basically take everything the patient says, refuse to accept it at face value, (which they are also taught) and take it to the DSM committee for inclusion in the book they write themselves (which they call their "Bible" just like the Voodoo Priests that some describe them as,) and then the fact that they wrote it there then supposedly 'proves' how right they are to hear it that way, when they meet a patient who says the same thing.

It apparently does NOT occur to most of them that the reason 'identified' patients say the same thing is because it is in fact, a very common experience to have as a target of a group. They can't hear that because their eyes are rolled up in their heads like cult members checking their programming and matching it to what comes out of the patient's mouth. It does not even occur to them that it is the patient who is in distress because of mob behaviour, who is the one most in touch with reality. To make it even more confusing for the patient, they often 'humour' us so we will believe they are taking us seriously and then indicate to us very clearly that they are not. We are then often said to 'have' 'trust issues' which is, of course, a true statement but is heard in connection to two different premises, which is part of the 'splitting' of reality.

We don't trust them because they have shown us their duplicity. They who believe their duplicity is 'hidden' from us, think we don't trust them because we are inherently defective and a lack of trust is one of OUR many diagnosed 'flaws.' In these days of bio psych most psychiatrists no longer bother talking to us at all as they have also been taught that 'you can't talk to a disease.' There could not be a more completely invalidating statement than that yet they fail to notice that.

When you talk to a psychiatrist you become pretty much invisible as a human being. That is getting worse all the time now too. They are inventing imaginary diseases at an unprecedented rate. Whatever they write in their own book becomes a disease simply because they say it is. Medicine has nothing at all to do with this. This is about political power and control that is being created by medicalizing any, 'unusual' thinking or dissenting opinions to it.

Any psychiatrists still in the system who are still taking time to actually listen to their patients are being pressured to stop listening or pressured to get out. Soon it will be filled with the compliant type of psychiatrist who does not give dissenting opinions, knows how to be a 'team player' and who will go along with everything they are told to do, no questions asked, and they will happily accept the ample rewards that come with that kind of co-operation.

This is a GLOBAL agenda they have going now and guess what? People like me who speak out against it or who try to expose it are being psychiatrized as 'paranoid.' The masses accept all these pronouncements of psychiatrists without question, since psychiatrists are the 'authorities' who can't be questioned.

The public then treats those psychiatrized by them 'as if' the individual could and should, be defined by the reductionist label they have had forced upon them. Any resistance or arguments about it after that is just chalked up to 'mental illness' as they have been told by the system that it should be. The individual is then trapped with no escape since no matter WHAT we say or do, it was already written in the Big Book of Insanity before our personal experience even began, as symptoms of our insanity. So saying there is something wrong with psychiatry is only 'proof' that psychiatry is right about those who say it.

It is not medical; it's political, it is a tautological argument or infinite loop and it is the 'circle' that many, many experiencers have said it is, even as they are being pressured, invalidated and ultimately have their minds broken down while trying to escape the psychological horror of it all. Once broken, this is then defined as a psychotic episode INSIDE a 'disease process' when in fact, there IS no disease and it is the pressure and unrelenting invalidation, manipulations, fabrications by others and abuse of the 'patient' that creates the tremendous strain which eventually causes the breakdown. Virtually everyone remains oblivious to the patient's point of view. We are seen as subhuman at best and treated that way.

When the patient comes to the full realization of that, he or she has only four choices left in life: suicide, murder, give up and give in, or keep fighting. More and more of us are choosing the latter. In many ways fighting them is like waving a red flag in front of a bull but if we don't do it, this sick system, which is supporting and enabling a sick society is going to destroy the whole planet in the name of 'help' and 'mental health.' So in a certain way of looking at it, I think those of us who 'think' we must do something to save the world are right about that.

I also think that our unwanted messiahs, who think the same thing about themselves, but who don't pathologize it when it is THEM, are wrong. Imagine that​? Aren't I just crazy for thinking I understand something psychiatrists don't?


Anonymous said...

When are the Priest-Messiahs going to lose their legitimacy? Is the question to me. The Government has no reason to take away the Priest-Messiahs power and in fact wants to give them more power over the disgruntled person/ disobedient citizen. As long as the economy keeps working it will continue.
"Conform or be cast out" song by Rush.
-Mark p.s.

Anonymous said...

Get up, stand up, fight for your (our) right. Bob Marley and a touch of myself.

Your are so nice to put this blog online Patricia. Many thanks!

Please every one, do not put your head in the sand. You will feel better to die under the bullet of any narcissic Priest-Messiahs than having a boring robot life.