Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here is what I Want You to Think About Today

Think about the schizophrenic relationship between the testers and the tested.

The testers always presume themselves to be the superior minds. They then give us their little tests to see what kind of a reaction they can get from us. Often, they will have their superior little friends observe the action and then all of them will 'interpret' the results based on their own beliefs and understanding and with no direct, genuine contact at all with the tested, The tested one is, right from the start, treated as an 'object of observation.'  Therefore right from the premise (or starting point) the 'test' is stilted. The tested one is forced into the 'less than' position.

Now I want you to think about this:

The testers believe they are testing in a ‘covert’ manner so they can be 'objective.'

The tested one KNOWS she is being tested and is 'puzzled' and 'confused' about what the idiotic 'testing' is all about and about what these testers imagine themselves to be doing. Of course if the tested one asks the testers directly, she cannot get a straight answer out of them.
Guess why that is?

If they told the tested one what they were doing (testing her, which she already knows, since it is bloody obvious) that would ruin their test!

Dysfunctional families do this too. They decide amongst themselves what is a 'normal' way of being (splitting) and then they make their judgements of those who are not playing the dysfunctional game based on that false premise. There is actually an example of this in one of R.D. Laing's Books (I think it might be the one on the Families of Schizophrenics) I think I still have that so I will look it up and then write a detailed explanation of what is going on in that specific case.

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