Sunday, October 31, 2010

Words Without Context

By Patricia Lefave, in my own context

All language has multiple meanings for all humans.
A lack of understanding about what words mean is not a trait of 'schizophrenics' or 'genetic defectives' which does not apply to all 'normal' others. Words mean  something specific only in context. Just as evidence without context is meaningless so is a context ( vague ambiguous abstraction) without evidence. (concrete context)

Now some people, often those who consider themselves and their lives to be more important or real than the lives of others, will work hard to suppress evidence as a means of taking care of their own interests. They may even excuse themselves for it by blaming their victims for their own abuse and controlling behaviour  as directed by them towards those victims. They may even go so far as to insist there really ARE no victims other than people who choose to BE victims, all by themselves. Others (like forensics cops for example) may hear statements like that as the height of self delusion, which is not uncommon with aggressors who try to justify themselves for their aggression.

It is also not uncommon for large groups of people to join in the abuse after justifying it by claiming that it would not be reasonable for an aggressor to target someone for NO REASON.

In my own experience it is very rare for the ‘superior’ people to be aware of the ‘splitting ‘ of their own consciousness as is clearly demonstrated in statements which do so like the one stated above. Perhaps that accounts for why they see the ‘split’ consciousness in their targeted ‘inferiors’ instead. Projection of one's own traits is a powerful defensive action.

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