Saturday, March 19, 2011

Losing One's Grip

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

One of the common experiences of voice hearers is to have another voice say something like “We are not going to let you go.”

If it is said soothingly by a calm spirit, it can mean “We are not going to abandon you.”

If it is said in an angry demanding tone it can mean, We are going to control you and you will not get away from us!”

On a level of meaning, at the nexus of good and evil, with no emotional content, it has ONLY the potential for specific meaning. It is always the CONTEXT that matters.
Nevertheless, it is always about the same aspect of being, “Losing one's grip.”
That can mean either our grip on ourselves (fear of madness for example) OR fear of losing a grip on others, the attempt to control others, depending upon your point of you and motivations in life.

Self focus and making meaning that works for ALL, based on the right of each person to be and Self define, while practising good boundaries, kept intact, will end the confusion of enmeshment and solve the metaphysical puzzle without destroying anyone.
We don't have to be who other people, or spirits, or aliens, tell us we are AND, conversely, they don't have to be who we tell them they are either. We all have a personal identity as well as being a part of a collective whole.

There is no need for a power struggle. That is part of the group delusion.

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