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Messages off the TV- Just for Psychiatrists

Dr. Who
From the TV listings

The doctor takes his passenger to planet “New Earth” where the streets are ruled by sinister pharmacists.

Passenger: Are they selling drugs?[1]

Who: I think they're selling moods really.

Passenger: Same thing isn't it?
So that’s the human race only forty years into the future. Heads full of chemicals.

Earthling one: We have tried to make contact with them but all we get is silence.

E 2: Maybe on THEIR planet, silence is a show of power.
E 1: Well on our planet it means guilt.

From the series “V”

Messages off the T.V. from the “Housewives”
Did anyone happen to see this episode of ‘Desperate Housewives’
The theme of the show was:
The neighbourhood sociopath who had been gas lighting the woman who lives alone, had also manipulated her neighbours into helping him send her off to the loony bin for her ‘confusion’ and ‘paranoia.’ She told them outright that he had been doing it. He of course acted ‘mystified’ by the accusation and everyone believed him as they all knew him to be a ‘real nice guy.’ Besides what ‘reason’ would he have for doing anything like that?
The most consistent thing taught in group dysfunction is the ‘splitting’ taught as 'normal' between who we really are, and who we show ourselves to be. Most of us understand this often unarticulated lesson, very early in life. We are taught to develop a social persona, to pretend with everyone that it is reality, just as they are pretending the same thing with us. We are taught to prize the façade over all other aspects of relationship for it is behind this that we can ‘hide’ our true selves, or at the very least create for ourselves the illusion that we are well ‘hidden.’
As long as others co-operate with our self delusion we can feel all right. So behind this contrived and well practised façade, we are to ‘conceal’ our genuine selves and honour all others like us who agree to do the same. We even know to close ranks protectively when we are threatened with ‘exposure’ by someone who will not play the ‘game’ with us, often attacking those who openly call such mystifying illusions of invisibility utter nonsense.
We are taught or more often SHOWN, that our acceptance by the dysfunctional group depends upon successfully promoting the idea that the difference between who we are, and who we are pretending to be, is not seen or understood by anyone else.
When we have accomplished this, we often then ‘wonder’ why we don’t really feel connected to others in the way we would like, and why we all feel so very alone in the world.
Of course, we are taught the answer to that too. It usually goes something like this:
“That’s just the way life is. It does us no good to whine about it.”
These are usually the same people who silence those of us who ‘whine’ about it with platitudes like:
“Life is what you make it.
Notice any absurd contradiction in that? If not, ask yourself why you don’t notice these things since this is part of the group programming which is heard almost every day, of our self deluded lives.
Is the truth of it that this is just the way life IS, or is it that it IS what we all  have made it?

March Messages off the TV

Is it possible that someone  so nuts could be working in a hospital withl Minds: no one there even noticing it?

Answer: Most offenders don't stand out.
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour

After a CSI discussed doing to the perp what the perp did to others
“Careful...evil has a way of making friends with good in order to pull them into the darkness.”
CSI: Crime Scene Investigations

The best way to increase the power of evil is to deny even the existence of evil.
Pat Lefave, Monophrenic “Whack Job”

[1]  Out of a group of vehicles parked like hot dog carts.

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