Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What is Detachment?

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

basically, it is an ability to separate oneself from a situation or another person in oder to maintain self control[1] without becoming hopelessly enmeshed in the situation or in the mindset of the 'other.'
Is detachment healthy?
That depends upon what kind it is. I think of detachment as being of three kinds.

1.    Healthy.
2.    Unhealthy.
3.    Evil.

As in all relationships of life, if you take any of these three positions, and add or subtract concrete power, or self and others, to the equation, the meaning of the reality in each case will change to reflect those differences.

Ideas about the 'right' to power and control are part of every scenario and every outcome.
The power “over' model may seem like a 'solution' but it is a short term one and more often destroys lives and PREVENTS any real change.
The personal power WITH boundaries model is a long term solution that can work for all people, even though it is going to take some real psycho-spiritual work to achieve. It is certainly not as 'quick' as popping mood altering drugs[2] but it will save lives and encourages real change for the better in mutually beneficial ways. It will also stop the practise of scapegoating which will disappear through contrition, just as I believe “schizophrenia” will as well.

We all think in infinite loops. The difference is in knowing there are really TWO loops, like heaven and Hell, and the one you are in will depend upon your premise of thought and your goal which will both rest on the same point. Life is a journey and is really a “round” trip.

If you think about it in a certain way, this COULD be defined as the Alpha and the Omega, couldn't it?

[1]  And all that Self control implies
[2]  Not that I object to these on a short term, TEMPORARY basis when they can offer a respite from ongoing distress or trauma but not by force..

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