Monday, June 13, 2011

Psychiatric Machinery

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

Next Stop: Speaking Truth to Power

Psychiatry has become a very efficient blame machine while denying what it does.  Have you ever noticed that those who spend the most time telling us that we “can't blame others” are ALSO the same people who are blaming others constantly? Reducing others to self contained collections of supposed 'symptoms” IS finding someone to blame. While you use your symptom collection to dismiss “claims” of abuse by “others” who can never be blamed, for some of your identified patients, you ALSO use the same method to excuse aggression, slander, theft and violence in others. The predictable result of this reality reversal is the ongoing, reinforced  and uninterrupted abuse and excuse machine which psychiatry has created by shifting the focus to biology of the brain (eugenics) and AWAY from human beings and personal empowerment with boundaries. This is about group BELIEFS and desires, not evidence. There is no evidence and the majority of you don't see anything wrong with treating 'disease' you can't see or identify. Most of the time, you are quite literally “spin” doctors and many of us are literally dizzy from listening to it. How did you get so well conned yourselves in the first place? Is it because you too want to explain away what you don't want to know or understand as reality?
We who are fighting bio psych have to stop picking and choosing our words so as not to upset YOU. That is what we are trained to do in all other dysfunctional groups as well. It has to stop. I know of course that any of us who speak too directly to you who are in charge of creating and defining reality for the whole world are placing ourselves in real danger by speaking out.  The machine of which you are a part, wants to silence our “Voices” and that reality, as desired by you and many other dysfunctional groups as well, is the reason so many driven into the collective unconscious suffer endlessly through the alternate, mirrored reality of being overwhelmed by Voices of abuse, contempt and threats, which they are not 'allowed' to perceive in external reality, which take over their identity and which try to put “'other people's thoughts into their heads' and to 'take their own thoughts away from them.'”

THINK about that. What role do you play in that outcome presented as a “solution”?
You are but some of many “voices' invalidating the patient's experience of life from his/her own point of view. So sure are you of your own understanding that most of you no longer believe it is even necessary to listen to anyone who sits before you, for any longer than ten to fifteen minutes. For we are defined as the “patient” as soon as we sit down, before you. That is when you start looking for the signs and symbols of self contained disease to explain us away and get us all under control. After you listen for the noises which you are so well trained to hear as meaningless, in any terms other than “disease process”, you apply the containment label. After that the “patient”' is no longer a person but rather a walking, talking disease process who has been rendered virtually invisible to anyone, and anyone, who is told how to see and hear him/her as defined by the reductionist label.  It is quite literally being pushed OUT of our own reality and into an alternate universe manufactured by all those perpetually blameless others  which is sued by almost everyone to explain away a group phenomenon that the majority simple do not WANT to see or understand for to do so would mean they might have to accept BLAME. Avoiding any and all blame at all costs is the reason the alternate 'reality' was brought into existence in the first place.

This is the first of a new page in which I will demonstrate the power of using our “voices” together to try to save the word from it's group delusion.  We all know it is a dangerous thing for us to do. Still, it is time we just spoke Truth to Power, without giving in to the REALISTIC fear we feel for taking the risk. We know it endangers us to do this, but we need to do it anyway because if we don't, the group madness of scapegoating, abuse and denial of it all is never going to end. We cannot stop or change anything we cannot 'admit' exists.  It's going to get worse, and worse, until there is no humanity left to 'save.” Maybe some of those we speak to about the truth they don't like, and don't want to hear, will develop an interest in saving their OWN humanity and act on that before it is too late to stop the machine.

The people more likely to go into psychiatry now will be those who like unquestioned power and control over others, who feel comfortable reducing other people to a status of genetic defective, who like money, power and status and see all those things as signs of 'success.'  The 'them and us' mentality is a must in bio psych. THINK about that.  Right now those psychiatrists who still have some human left in their being are being pressured to accept bio psych and be 'team players' or, are being pressured OUT of the profession, or are ignored or sometimes perhaps 'diagnosed' themselves by the team players. It is all for somebody's own good...but WHOSE good and let us please define “good” in context and without the metaphysical ambiguity.

What exactly is it that is “good” for all of us human beings, without exception which psychiatry is now promoting as “good” and as ”normal'' for all of humanity?
I want to know. A whole lot of us want to know. Define “normal” for me from a psychiatrist's point of view. Precisely what is 'normal' and what is outside the boundaries of 'normal' which must be stopped and why?

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