Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It is ALWAYS About Boundary Violation

By Patricia Lefave Monophrenic (single minded)

From targeting a family member for group “teasing” and ridiculing to rioting to committing murder, it all comes from the same psycho-spiritual “space”- the “them/us” or “superior/inferior” premise of thought. It is not about “what” is happening but about “who” it is happening to OR who is causing it to happen and how that is evaluated by the participants and the observers.
When the fault is found in the target, for COMPLAINING about the abuse or for objecting to it, rather than finding the fault in the abuser(s)/violators, an infinite loop of anti-logic or “unreason” is created, reinforced and maintained. We break the cycle by exposing the abuse, the abusers and the group dynamic that keeps it all going. We STOP excusing group abuse and dysfunctional relating by calling it “normal” while assessing the objections and reactions to it as “abnormal.” That is backwards. CHANGE DIRECTION.

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