Friday, August 19, 2011

Scene from Torchwood: Miracle Day

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic[1]
Talking “at” My Psychiatrists

Captain Jack, gets to face down the executive of Phicor, which is a huge drug company with many hidden holding companies etc. Which is benefiting from the “Miracle Day” by mass producing pain killers for all those who “should” have died but who did not. This was planned BEFORE the “miracle” happened. Captain “Jack” accused the CEO of the drug company of being evil but that one pointed out to Jack that he had a very archaic idea of evil as it was something that had happened over a very long period of time involving many, many people, many hidden agendas and that this permeated the whole system with most of those participating in it unaware of each other and often unaware themselves of what they were actually participating in.  It that it was not just one person he could 'find' and confront. So Jack responded, “so it is actually the whole system itself that is the problem..” which the CEO of the drug company confirmed.

Now this kind of statement above is the sort of thing that someone in altered states might see and hear as a “message” intended just for him or her. Instead of psychiatry mocking that, as you now like to do in your own quest for “meaninglessness” LISTEN to it.
If I had seen this at the time I was altered, and I did not already KNOW that the system itself is the problem, that may have been a piece of information that would have helped me solve my own personal problem in sorting out my concrete experience and the overwhelm of information from external sources that was not making any sense in relation to my reality... these are sort of AHA! Moments of altered states. 
They are legitimate on their own level, partly concrete experience and partly symbolic or metaphorical information about the experience coming to us in dream (or more often nightmare) form, while our eyes are open. Watching you mock us and act amused does not “help” us at all and in fact, makes it all the more horrifying and surreal. You look to us like you are really ENJOYING our suffering. On a certain level most of you ARE enjoying it, but for MOST of you it is out of ignorance and arrogance rather than malice. Most of you believe your amusement is “hidden” from “us.” 
Still if you need to believe there is no malice in this from anyone, you are kidding yourselves and you are the ones who are delusional and living in a fantasy world. The fact is, you are hiding the reality of yourselves FROM yourselves; not “us.” You then add more damage to us by DENYING your own group behaviour and declare “us” to be 'crazy” BECAUSE we “think” we see reality and you, as all of it obviously is. THAT is where the real evil comes into play; the denial that there is any event or group behaviour to perceive.
Most of you, in an effort to take care of your own interests don't even NOTICE that you instruct us, ever so condescendingly, as is your usual attitude,  to “let it go” or accept that it is “all in the past” while also claiming that “nothing happened.” If “nothing happened”, what is “it” exactly of which I must be instructed to “let go” and how can something that never happened at all be identified and located ANYWHERE in space/time?

DUH! You see “we” hear what you do not allow YOURSELVES to hear.
So let's see if we can get you to get some of those “messages' off the TV or from God, or the universe, or wherever you need to get them which will cause you to wake the hell up to reality, shall we?

Give it the old high school try, you highly educated saviours[2] you.

[1]  I “think” I know my own ass from a hole in the ground.
[2]  Would that be classified in your system as “religiosity” or “grandiosity”? You're not going to collapse emotionally from being asked that are you? Most of us know how emotionally fragile you all are......

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