Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Neanderthal “Saves” Cro-Magnon

One day, Co-Magnon appears on earth. Neanderthal, sensing intuitively that Cro is not like Neanderthal decides that Cro must be some sort of defective Neanderthal. So to save the world from this genetic defective, who might turn out to be a danger to self or others, Neanderthal hunts him down, with the aid of a hysterical mob of othernormalNeanderthals', drags him to a prison (with nice sheets and Shepard's pie for lunch) and locks him up for life.
When Cro asks Neanderthal and the rest of his family, WHY are you doing this to me?... Neanderthal looks at the bemused others helping him and explains,there is no point in talking to him about the danger he is causing us all by by being a genetic defective as this one has no insight into his own condition.  You just can't talk to a genetic defective. At least we did something to prevent any possibility of this one harming others.

Let us thank God that we who have to hunt down others and lock them up for life, so that they won't decide to do anything wrong in the future, are not defective like THEM.

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