Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who's “Nice' and Who is “Not Nice”

This is of course also a matter of perspective and personal experience.
If you are someone who joins others in mocking, ridiculing and making contemptuous remarks, you may well be perceived by them as nice, social and “fun.” Yet, if you are the other BEING targeted for mocking, ridiculing, contempt  and “fun,” you may not see the one leading it and those who “socialize” together in this way as quite so nice or all that much “fun.'
In the experience of many targets of contempt and abuse, those entertaining themselves by doing it are rarely bright enough to make the connection between their own behaviour and the REACTIONS they get from those they perceive as their “inferiors.”
The most common “inappropriate affect” which rarely gets “diagnosed” by anyone, is laughter. This is the laughter and smiles on the faces of the bullies, gossips, mockers, and contemptuous ridiculers who target those “inferiors” and then justify it by deluding themselves that it's OK since their “inferiors” aren't REALLY going to understand the amused participants and the voyeurs anyway. This is the self serving self justifying tautology of all bullies and idiots.

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