Thursday, May 03, 2012

Keeping Crazy- Simple

By Patricia Lefave
Imagine being in a psych hospital, feeling your mind fragmenting under pressure,  complaining that someone has a hidden agenda of domination, has involved a group of others in it and is faking innocence about it. Then you tell your doctor that people you don't even know now talk about you as you walk down the streets, and that they do so as if you weren't even there, frequently hissing verbal abuse at you as you pass and sometimes even death threats. Your psychiatrist hears your report as paranoid delusions since s/he knows it is just not reasonable for people to behave that way, and so obviously to him/her you only “believe” that is the case, because you are “ill.” He knows that because the individual with the hidden agenda of domination suggested that to him long before you ever met him, telling him that you were paranoid and that the hidden agenda person had no idea WHY. He said he as just mystified by your behaviour.
You then get your official label; which is something those others around you suggested you should have since you were obviously in some kind of distress for which they could see no external reason.
Meanwhile, your psychiatrist, your friends and your relatives are discussing your now official paranoid delusions and hallucinated conversations with everyone they know, although all are sworn to “confidentiality,” as people might treat the now official patient with bias if they knew your diagnosis.
(we've just got to get rid of that “stigma”)
Now that you are drugged into tranquillity, it is decided that you are now well enough to be released. So off you go to walk downtown and through the mall where people you don't even know talk about how crazy you are, understanding from all the talk about it, (not that there is any talk which you could possibly be aware of, since it's all confidential,) that you are apparently actually believing that people you don't even know are talking about you, on the streets and in malls etc.
The people who are talking about you are now expressing their gratitude that they are not crazy like you. Of course, the consider themselves to be “hidden” from you when they do this as they know that you are so stupid and/or crazy that you will not understand what they are talking about anyway. Therefore, they are NOT the people you think are talking about you. It is only imaginary people you think are talking about you, and that is why these other people are talking about you, because you are having imaginary conversations with, or about, imaginary people.
Now if you were the diagnosed one in this group consensus “reality”, what would you say, or do, to change that group perception and diagnosis and how do you think you would penetrate that tautological argument which the people talking about you, don't see, or hear, and don't want to see and hear either, since if they did, they would be made self aware then and would be in danger of being blamed for something?
Talk that over amongst yourselves and see what you can come up with as a solution bur remember to make sure I don't find out about you, since you aren't allowed to admit to anything as it would not be in YOUR interests to do least not in what you currently PERCEIVE as “your interests.”
This is what if feels like to be forced to observe the observers, observing me, while simultaneously DENYING it all.
It's crazy making and it is also a COMMON group phenomenon.
The barely conscious like to “reduce the awareness” of the MORE conscious so that they don't have to face reality, as it IS.

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