Friday, June 15, 2012

The Schizophrenic REACTION

To the Schizophrenic Society
BY Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

It is not just a “communication” problem, between people who all have good intentions. There is a lot more real communication going on between the original pair involved than anyone else usually ever sees or understands. That hidden information is part of the domination “game.”
Very often, making sure that those “others” NEVER understand it is a part of the domination and control game of one of the original pair and the difference between them is made almost invisible by the assumptions about who is whom and the words and beliefs used to describe the experience. A strong component of that is “personalities” (perceived values) over principles. (motivations and concrete evidence),It has a great deal to do with the “interpretation” of reality by a group of others; especially “others” who can never be wrong or blamed for anything.
Absolute terms, used in abstraction are always present in this along with the endless, and usually pointless, attempt to get concrete reality INTO the picture. It is very often the person in the group who is MOST aware of reality who gets attacked by the group (often in a regressive state, more accurately defined as a pack) for BEING more aware than the others.
That greater awareness is perceived as a threat to the group cohesion and possibly the dis-empowerment of the group leader. Groups generally like to be told what to do by someone who makes their decisions for them. Group members get anxious when they think their way of being in the world may be at risk, however dysfunctional that way may be. Of course, the group leader needs the group to follow and obey in order to maintain domination. Dysfunctional groups are loaded with co-dependent neediness, usually understood as perfectly “normal.”

Understanding Dysfunctional Normal
Are you having trouble making sense of things? Are you being told that this is a comprehension problem that YOU have? Well, if so, maybe that is because you are a member of a dysfunctional group and/or are in a dysfunctional relationship and you are knowingly, or unknowingly, rocking the dysfunctional boat. “Good” dysfunctional people don't like to make waves and they don't want anyone else making them either. They just put on heavy life jackets, try to stay afloat as best they can, and pretend they are on solid ground.
If you learn to understand the nature of dysfunctional arguments, you too will become able to function INSIDE dysfunction- or, at the very least, stop being confused by it, or “having trouble making sense” of what is actually senseless. I will try to help you in this effort by offering you some explanations for the unexplained.
For starters, the successful dysfunctional folk don't explain because explaining it would ruin the mystery, and if the mystery is ruined, then the dysfunction itself would be staring everyone in the face and we would be forced to deal with it. Really who wants to know there is an elephant in the room, when if that is true it means there is  also a huge pile of crap in the room and someone is going to have to clean that up. So remember, you abnormal logical types, there is a FORM of logic in this but it is BASED on the delusions of “secrecy” and concealment. That means a whole lot of what you actually know is going to be denied by those keeping it “secret” from you.  And that means that the judgements about you are going to be based on “disinformation” and information missing and/or later added, or “spun” in an attempt by all concerned to “make sense” of the essentially senseless.
Concrete example of how this is done:
If you don't believe the sun exists then you will be required to find an alternate explanation for that sunburn.  These tend to be along the lines of, “She probably burned herself just to seek attention” or perhaps, this is a mental illness called Burn Syndrome. (Soon to appear in the DSM no doubt.)
Such people as these suffering from Burn Syndrome actually believe the Earth revolves around a huge planet that is on fire and that can burn you if you walk around too much! Have you ever heard anything as crazy as that in your whole life?
I hope you get the point. The point is that if you and your group define your beliefs as normal or “correct” that means you must invalidate any opposing viewpoint and make it sound as “crazy” as possible to that you can appear to be right, and of course “sane,” ALL the time, no matter what comes up. Now that may sound complex but it is not as hard as you might think.
Dysfunction is filled with alternative explanations for reality, outright denial of the obvious, and misdirection, in order to shift the focus from the REAL problem to the “horrible” person who has the audacity to point out that the real problem exists. You may think you are just making a statement about the sun, but the Sun Deniers see you as a dangerous heretic and a trouble maker. Remember that in successful dysfunctional relating, personalities ALWAYS take precedence over problems and principles. It is WHO is saying something, that matters to the dysfunctional and not WHAT is being said, or what is true, that matters. That means that if your leader denies the existence of the sun, then you must also if you want to be, or remain, a member in good standing of a dysfunctional group.
Good dysfunctional community members do not focus on the problem. We must focus instead on those who say there IS a problem, and who try to make us look at it. In dysfunctional relating, people such as these ARE the problem, for they look for problems, where other people do not see any problems at all, and don't want to hear about them. It is this attitude of the problem identifiers that is the problem.

Got it?

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