Friday, August 17, 2012

Question for Doctors

Another mini awareness exercise just for you....

You like to equate “mental illness” (software) to “diabetes.” (Biological)

OK- here is my question:

If a diabetic needed ANY lifesaving treatment or measures taken, would doctors have, in your opinion, and as part of the debate about it, a discussion about whether or not the diabetic “deserved” to live?

Does the question sound odd?
You see, while claiming that you believe in equality and  the “destigmatization” of “mental illness” the terms in which you debate “about” us, or AT us, while not talking to us, or with us as equals, indicate that what you believe and what you SAY you believe, are not really  the same thing.
We who listen, in our usual position of controlled helplessness,[1] get to listen to those who control us, debating whether or not we “deserve” to live. That's the key word in this: “deserve.”
You see events like “ethnic cleansings” don't really come out of nowhere, and all of a sudden. They get validated for action as a legitimate idea, a little bit at a time, as they are introduced to the masses who are 90% followers; often followers who just don't like to “make waves” or “open up cans of worms”. . .

This is the Splitter mentality at work.

[1]        not learned helplessness, which implies it is our choice to be in a powerless position

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