Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New Study Shows that Caffeine Helps Parkinson's Sufferers

New Study Shows that Caffeine Helps Parkinson's Sufferers

Parkinson's is caused by too little dopamine. 
Schizophrenics” who are given dopamine BLOCKERS, develop pseudo Parkinsonism as part of the tardive diskenesia associated with long term drug use, even if that “use” is not a “choice” but is forced on the individual as a “solution.” Psych patients are well known for smoking cigarettes (nicotine) and drinking coffee (caffeine) which are both STIMULANTS.

Caffeine is a stimulant which IMPROVES the condition of people with naturally occurring Parkinson's, which is caused by TOO LIITLE DOPAMINE. So called anti-psychotics BLOCK the dopamine receptors in the brain which is “believed” to be the cause of the labelled person's altered state[1] known as psychosis.

I want you to think about something else which you already know. The body handles dopamine and epinephrine  (adrenaline) exactly the same way. The adrenal glands, as you already know kick in with the flight or fight response as a defence mechanism, you know? Like when you are “at effect” in a situation for example.... What happens when the “subject” in the case can do NEITHER; cannot fight the aggressor nor can s/he just be left alone? (Flight) What happens to the person who is trapped between the proverbial rock and the hard place? Got any ideas about the effects of high levels of adrenaline is such a situation?

Let's just think about this a bit shall we?

[1]   Some of whom thought labelled have never experienced such a state.  They were only TOLD they did by experts.

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