Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Testers and the Tested

The testers, assuming from the start their superior status AS testers, do no communicate directly with those they test, as the testers believe they are more aware or smarter and therefore cannot imagine that those they test would have anything to teach them.  So they perceive those they test through the filtering lens of their own arrogance. The difference in perception of the same transaction then goes something like this:
The one DOING the test to see what kind of a response or reaction will be given by the tested already knows what to expect and why. S/he also “knows” the tested one will see the tester in the way the tester decides s/he decides s/he wants to be seen and the tested will be too  dull witted to know s/he is being TESTED.

Conversely, the one being tested wonders WHY the tester is testing him/her and why the tester is TRYING to get some kind of a response or reaction to this test, which the tester will then evaluate on his/her own terms , without ANY genuine, direct communication at ALL with the person being tested. Who the Duck does this tester thinks/he IS anyway?

The Most Common Question from Tested One to Tester
WHY are you doing this to me?

(acting out like a duplicitous jack ass which is perfectly obvious to an eight year old)

Tester response to the Question:
No one is doing anything to you.
(unless of course you count me and what I am doing, which you can't because I know that my motivation and the fact that I am testing you is all well hidden from an inferior test “subject” like you.”) 
Just the Right Interpretation
I have a question to ask the locals here since I am too dull witted myself to know what I “really” mean when I make statements. Perhaps all of you local normal citizens who have been looking for the hidden meaning in all I say and do could get together and vote on it, maybe hold a group consensus seminar, sponsored by psychioatry of course, preferably with a really classy luncheon, and come up with an answer for me??
It would really be appreciated if those of you who have pushed and shoved your way into all of my personal business, thoughts, feelings, relationships, sexual identity and debated sexual performance,[1] financial state and daily movements around town, could decipher the strange “code” in statements I make about things which I apparently don't really understand myself.  For starters, let's try this one and see if you can find the hidden meaning in it:

I want my privacy respected.”

Most of the people to whom I have said that don't seem to know what I am trying to say or what it really means despite the fact that they often ask each other for input on the topic. So maybe after your consensus seminar,[2] you will finally arrive at some well debated, enlightened conclusion on me and my awareness or lack of it, which one of you can then explain to me in very simple terms, of course as befits my inferior status?

[1]    Always a big favourite with the pathologizers and all those with no personal boundaries of their own
[2]    And a lovely luncheon hopefully with some entertainment to set the mood

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