Thursday, June 13, 2013

Self Fulfilling Prophecies

by Patricia Lefave, monophrenic

Once who you “really are” has been suggested to others by an “authority” who cannot be questioned or blamed for anything, that is who you WILL be and all you can do is either “admit” it, or deny it.
Of course, your “denial” in tautological style arguments, will only be “proof” that you are who the authority figure says you are; but you just won't “admit” to it...(right witch?) In fact, your resistance to your definition is nothing but another “symptom” of your condition, as is the belief that you are being harmed by “others” who are only trying to “help” you. Now, your failure to perceive that AS help, is but another of your endless list of perception/reaction problems.
Now how do the authorities ruling over all of life with such brilliant efficiency know all of this, you may be impertinent enough to ask?
Why, it is because everyone who has come before you, and who has been defined as defective, just like you, after having it suggested by someone else, have said all the same things as you and THIS indicates a consistent pattern doesn't it?
There are really only two things that repeat pattern can be: either symptoms, proving the authorities on this topic to be correct in their assessments, or, a common experience of REALITY, shared by many, like you, over a long period of time, which is consistently DENIED to exist by authrorties, and then re-framed as the delusions of those who “think” this is the reality of life on this planet.
Often, everything that is being said IS true, and the only differences are in the definitions used to explain it, or, more often, to explain it AWAY.


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