Thursday, August 15, 2013

You MUST Be Crazy

You see with bio psych you are going to be crazy from the moment you enter their imperial  diagnostic realm. The fact that you are there, for any reason, means that you need to be given a diagnosis. The labelling takes only minutes. After that, you can agree that you are crazy or you can insist that you are not, but either way the fault will be found to be in you.

You can be a good, compliant kind of crazy OR the non compliant type, but EITHER way, psychiatry will beprovedright about you, because psychiatry, like all other dysfunctional groups, is set up to DO just that. If you disagree with them, your disagreement will be pathologized because psychiatrists and psychiatry never will be. That would be the equivalent of blaming parents you see; “authority” figures which you will be said to be having “problems with,” as an abstraction, in absolute terms. That will be a true statement too. Only the meaning and value of it will be in dispute and up for “interpretation.” Of course the expert “interpreters” are bound to win the dispute by virtue OF their “authority”.(another tautology)

Authority figures are not to be blamed and blaming them is always YOUR fault; not ever theirs. Got that?

Reality with these people is defined in absolute terms APART from concrete details; in other words in metaphysical terms, not in terms of concrete evidence. Evidence is often avoided and even actively suppressed and this is done to protect and promote the agenda, and of course, to maintain a state of blamelessness in the expert dysfunctional system which can never be questioned nor challenged successfully. Questioning it, or challenging it,  can only prove how right it is since doing so is written into the system itself as proof that those who do that are indeed inferior humans  in need of correction.

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