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Some of The Unseen Information

Good News! Another Chemistry Problem
Has Been Discovered For Psychiatry To Correct

First posted December 2005

By Patricia Lefave
According to CTV news on August 15th, 2005.

They already have this one named according to the reporter.Psychiatrists call this one:
Ultra Violet Light Tanning Dependency. No hint just yet as to whether it is going to be a "Syndrome" or a "Disorder."(No slides yet showing us the abnormal brains of U.V.L.T.D.'s either
but I am sure the MRI's are being revved up for the search even as I post this.)

Not so long ago we lay people used to make cruel comments at such people but that was
before we understood they had a "disease" process going there.
We'd say terrible things like:"Look at that idiot. He must love bacon." or "She is going to wish she had spent less time toasting when she hits forty or so. How does she think they make raisins out
of grapes anyway? Yeesh...."
Now that psychiatrists have explained things better, we will all have to practise our patronizing
little tones and learn to humour the poor, sick things, until they get the right medication to help
them break their "addiction."

Help Is On the Way
A mental health advocate was on the city bus helping two very young teens to understand their problem. She is explaining the problem of the one (? female) in the psychiatric hospital. "She needs medication so they will send someone to your home to see to it that she takes it. I know she says she doesn't need medication but she obviously does. She has a perception problem. She is just not SANE at all, and you can never be sure what she might be going to do. I will stay with you until
they get her under control. Now. Let's go home and I will teach you some relaxation exercises.That should help.''

No Solutions
It was stated in the town square recently that the mental health system does not offer patients
any solutions for their problems. There is a reason for that. Psychiatry does not believe the
patients' problems are ''real'', but rather the thing which is real is the patients delusional beliefs
that they have real problems. There is no solution to an imaginary problem, other than to try to reduce the patients' capacity for imagining they have problems.

August 18th, 2005 From CTV
Is it depression causing alcoholism or is alcoholism causing depression?
A little of both say experts who admit they did not do any studies based upon the actual starting point which would allow them to know. Nevertheless, psychiatry is pushing alcoholic depression as TWO psychiatric ''Disorders.'' I wonder which two psychiatric drugs will be recommended for this terrible problem of substance dependence and it's high cost to society? Hopefully, they will soon
find something that will keep a Mona Lisa smile fixed on our faces while we are being stabbed to death by those blameless ''others'' we have been well trained to forgive for the things they never
did. Eventually, if given enough time, and enough mirrored feedback, I expect the inmates, who are running the asylum will get the point.
Let us all hope they become sharp enough to get the point before the sharpness of the point gets them.

On Being "Helped"..." For Our Own Good"
The Missing Perspective:
Once it has been determined that you are "crazy," by God you will BE crazy, even if the whole community has to be enlisted to drive you to your final Destination. I was once told by a
psychiatrist that if I "thought" people were talking about me and smirking, it was a "sign" that
meant I was "seeking fame." I decided to stop arguing about it and "seek" it. Sometimes, the best,
or even the ONLY thing to do, is to agree with the "experts."
"Fame" it is then.

Dealing With Manipulative People

News For Women and Police Officers On Impending Psychiatric Arrests!
Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
By Patricia Lefave

PMS Squad Soon to Be Trained.
Attention Women! Have you been whining and complaining about cramps and bloating? What about that pesky irritability? Good news is coming your way! Psychiatric researchers are trying to get you the "help" you need. They are now in the process of looking for the evidence that your mental illness, as included in the DSM many years ago....really exists. According to a newsflash on Wednesday, July 27th, on CKCO-TV News, the source of the problem is in our brains, not our organs.
They are now focusing on the emotional centre of our brains....End of CKCO Newsflash

Pistachio Commentary:
The official label for this condition was proposed for the D.S.M. in 1986 and it was: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. I first heard of the term when I read They Say You're Crazy By Paula J. Caplan, published in 1995, coincidentally the same year I was diagnosed for my ''delusional'' belief that I had been targeted by an aggressor whom I still consider to be somewhat deranged and working in a psychiatric hospital. know...this treatment proposed sounds awfully familiar to me. A focus on the emotional reactions of people rather than anything as a normal function of the human body. Though many of us lay people believe this is a relatively normal discomfort, associated with having female reproductive organs, we may now breathe a collective sigh of relief as we discover that "really" we're just "crazy"...I mean "mentally ill".... caused by yet another chemical imbalance in our brains. What we have needed all along is a psychiatric intervention. What a relief!

Are you having trouble accepting this as "mental illness"? Well, that's probably because part of your mental illness is the denial of it's existence. That means you are just a little crazier than those who accept it. I think we all really need to think about this. The D.S.M. is a listing of ''mental disorders'' so everything in it is understood in those terms. It is more than that though, since psychiatry has been pushing acceptance of the idea that there is NO difference between mind (psychological disturbance) and brain (physical disease). So to them, there is now no difference between the software and the hardware.

I would suggest again, very strongly, that you all think about that but, what would be the point if the only thoughts you can have are determined solely by your hardware. One question what psychiatrists now believe is true for ''others'' not true for them also? If so, how do they know that their idea that mind and brain are the same thing, is not the result of a chemical imbalance in their brains? Perhaps we should all pause here for a minute and reconsider this before there is little or no human left in our collective Being. The ''new'' reality is soon coming and communities will be able to relax, secure in the knowledge that the P.M.S. Police will soon be on the job, issuing alerts to Community Teams to be on the lookout for grumpy, bloated women who are refusing to take their prescribed medication for complaining about it.

Good News For Police Services
BY Patricia Lefave
Are you a police officer who has been whining, bitching and complaining about having to spend eight hours watching someone you have shackled to a gurney for their medical condition which requires "treatment"? Are you sick of listening to the chemically imbalanced repeat over and over again, "If you would just leave me alone, I would be all right!" Are you reacting inappropriately to the meaningless fear, anger and frustration of such people? Do you think you should be putting solving crimes ahead of arresting the sad and the frightened? Well, "help" is on the way! I have heard a rumour (although in my case it COULD be hallucinated conversations) that psychiatric research is now being considered to prove you have a chemical imbalance in your brain called D.D.S. or T.H.D.D. (Dunkin Donut Syndrome or Tim Horton Donut Disorder.)
Although sitting for eight hours listening to shackled people asking to be left alone doesn't CAUSE your mental illness, studies may show it may exacerbate your pre-existing condition caused by a genetic pre-disposition towards T.H.D.D. Researchers are said to be working on a pill to zero in on the part of the brain that is causing you to complain by blocking the chemicals which are giving you the impulse to do so, without affecting donut consumption in any way.
The miracles of modern medicine. As new government funding will soon provide specially trained Thought Police officers, this may soon cease to be a problem of the current magnitude. It should be noted however, that if a police officer refuses treatment for this condition, as diagnosed by experts, his or her career MAY suffer as a result, although the treatment is not yet mandatory.

( Come on people. Can't you take a "joke" as well as I was told I should be able to, by total strangers assessing my situation FOR me.)

Psychiatric Arrests: Creating Community Hysteria
Monday, July 25th, 2005:
I got on a bus at 1:15pm today, just in time for the transit News Flash. At the request of the police, bus drivers are to watch for another escaped "diabetic." She had left the General Hospital Emergency Dept. AMA. Her description, age and clothing were announced over the radio. Bus drivers are to notify police if they see her. I could not help but wonder if the "diabetic" in question got her diagnosis because she "thought" bus drivers were watching her and talking about her----part of the reason I received my own diagnosis.
Perhaps her employer (if she still has one) could also "help" by asking her (as mine did) "Could you not accept that bus drivers are NOT talking about you, and that you only "think" they are because you are psychotic as the Doctor has told you"?
I recommend from my own experience that she not try to tell her employer that she is not "psychotic," since the question that comes after that is, "Could you not accept that you are psychotic but you just don't know it"?
Psychiatry's Vicious Circle.
The experts say we laugh for no reason. Which is a true statement depending upon your perspective on it. I must admit, I saw no "reason" in it at all.

Future Saviours
Two Psychology students discuss one of us "fascinating" cases on the University bus:
Questioner: "What kind of a treatment is that? The guy died from it!"
Novice convert: "You don't understand. The treatment WAS working. It's just that his organs couldn't handle the drugs."
For some reason I was reminded of a joke that went around a couple of decades ago about surgeons. It went: "Although the patient died, the operation was a complete success."

Thought For The Day:
Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if all families, workplaces, schools and religious organizations were the healthy, supportive institutions most psychiatrists seem to need to believe they are? Perhaps with the renewed interest in space exploration, one day, we may all be able to visit THEIR planet, Fantasy World, where everyone is always "doing the best they can" and no one is ever to blame for anything...

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