Sunday, November 02, 2008

Driven Out of Concrete Reality

By Patricia Lefave

People who are driven out of concrete reality (for whatever reason) start to search inward looking for the conceptual meaning which will allow them to make ‘sense’ out of something that is often senseless’ to begin with. This does not mean the one doing the searching is always the senseless one as most people prefer to believe. Frequently it is someone, or a group, that is thinking and behaving senselessly while certain they are right in what they do. This capacity to look inward for the concepts that will allow the searcher to make sense of things is something all human beings have in the same way. The search for meaning is a right brain activity which is complementary to left brain activity (reason or logic) Both have to function together to be able to decipher life and it’s personal and collective meaning.

Autistic people of course are said to be "inward" focused. But of course we all do that, just not as much as those labelled 'different.' Still the 'difference' is presumed to be an inherent ‘flaw’ of some sort when in fact, I believe it is more like a reaction to something circumstantial.

On that level of consciousness we perceive reality in feelings visualizations and emotion. That is true for ALL humans.
What the bricks are doing is ALSO emotional but they disguise it as intellectual or logical when in fact it is motivated by intense emotion which THEY deny because they believe to be 'emotional' is wrong. So they reinvent reality to accommodate their false beliefs. This is why people like you cannot make 'sense' of what they do. It doesn't make sense it is just disguised this way. They would never admit this though.

It is also common for people who have interacted with bricks to be unable to decipher the difference between abstract or symbolic meaning and concrete meaning. This is because the dysfunctional masquerading as the functional 'interpret' everything to suit themselves at any given moment, always motivated by their desire to be the 'sane ones.' the confusion between symbolic and concrete reality is very common in those who are trying to figure out the confusing messages they get from such people.

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