Friday, July 03, 2009

Making A Difference

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

First Posted January 2006

To understand the subtle difference between someone who recognizes herself as the subject of a vicious rumour mill and someone who is hallucinating conversations born out of an unconscious need to seek fame, you need only read the label.

All lunatics are clearly labeled in order to prevent public confusion related to the similarity of perceptions and reactions between the sane and the insane.

And speaking of the subtle differences...did you hear the news? According to CTV, it is believed that terrorist Websites are sending operatives messages which are very difficult to prove are intended to be heard as covert instructions for aggressive acts because they are presented in a form of language which could best be described as ambiguous. It could be "interpreted" more than one way.

Does that sound familiar to anyone? .


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LittlePat said...

The other day I was in the hospital, talking about my "illness". I told the psychiatrist that I need more evidence in order to even attempt thinking that schizophrenia could be an illness; that psychiatry wants us to understand it as an illness like any other but doesn't show us other examples of what happens to people in that range, so that we could understand it as an illness. I thought about other "phenomenas" like people hearing funny things all the times instead of comments for example. Instead she told me what other types of psychoses there are.

As hearing those examples, I just thought that any person who thinks "normally" would NEVER see these things as an illness.

But well...the norm isn't what I would call or would want to be normal...