Friday, July 03, 2009

Psychiatric Survivours Speak Out

Tell The "Help" How It Really is For T.H.E.M.

You won't hear any "happy consumer" voices promoting the system nor uttering statements like: "It's for their own good" here. ( A grandiose statement if ever there was one) These people tend to speak for themselves. (when they are "allowed" to speak that is) This is the side of "reality" most of those promoting the system would rather you didn't hear and which it works very hard to suppress.

The degree of passion varies with the individual, many of whom are still loaded with drugs which suppress their emotions, whether they like it or not, by force.
Still, showing strength and courage under enormous pressure and often constant invalidation, these are the Voices of the Psychiatrized.

. Magick98765
By Christopher Heimarck

  • Collaborative Possibilities
    By Brian Milliken

  • The Church of Schizophrenia
    A Little Semi/Serious "Fun"
    By My Friend Walter

  • Wilderness Hermit Charlie's World
    By Wilderness Charlie

  • Poor Leonard's Almanack
    By Leonard Roy Frank

  • Spiritual Emergency

  • Esquizofrenia,Pensando
    By Dayan Paiva, Brazil

  • An Empathic Mind

  • Been Broken
    United Kingdom

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