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Messages Off The T.V.

Just For Psychiatrists
By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

“I can’t try to save humanity without holding on to what makes me human.”
Captain Archer
Star Trek: Enterprise

From, The Terminator
The Chronicals of Sarah Connor
"Ex mental patient who got locked up because she believed that robots (mechanical people) from the future were going to destroy the whole world and that they (stimulus response machines) had to be stopped.
The Chronicles of Sarah Connor

(Of course, this can be heard as literal or metaphorical. It is still true though on some level if you think about it. It comes from an intuitive type place we all inhabit together, sometimes referred to as the collective unconscious, and it is extrapolated from information we already have that is not quite complete. Often it is only an abstract theory to start.

How it is seen and heard may well depend upon the people around us and whether or not the pressure they apply to us for saying it disconnects us from concrete reality.
The doctor who talked about ‘the tiny bugs’ on the hands of doctors delivering babies ‘too small to see’, which he thought was killing many women after childbirth, was presumed to be ‘mad.’ People tend to create the outcomes they already believe in.
No doubt everyone around him at the time focused on his presumed’ madness’ (invisible bugs indeed!) until it became his reality, which of course then ‘proved’ he was mad as in the first place, just as they had said, didn’t it?
But was he? Or was he perhaps just ahead of his peers in time and understanding?
The next time you see a doctor washing the invisible bugs off his hands, do think about all of that will you? There is more to learn.PL

Eloise (the lab rat) died because her brain short circuited. She could not tell which reality was which. She needed something to which she could anchor; a constant that existed no matter where or when she was.
“Every equation needs a constant.”
You need to find something that you really, really care about that exists in all times.
From the Series “Lost” 2008

(A sound principle as a constant is better than a person. A person can disappear, or die, or fail you, for their own reasons but a principle is a constant that transcends space/time. You could use that for an anchor even if you jumped all over time with it. Humour me. PL)

“Hurt (adjective) people, hurt (verb) people.’
Bill Cosby

‘I can’t describe myself in ten words so I really don’t want to be defined that way by anyone else either.’ Intern on the TV show “House.’

Boy who thinks he sees dead people to the dead psychiatrist who ‘thinks’ he is alive:
“How are you going to help me if you don’t believe me?”
The Sixth Sense

“The pride of men and of parents as well, makes us believe that whatever we create we can control. It is in the nature of us all to create our own monsters.”
Sarah Connor
The Terminator

''It never ceases to amaze me how often highly educated people commit such stupid crimes.''
C.S.I. New York

"People tell themselves all kinds of things just to avoid taking a good long look at themselves in the mirror."
Garrett Macy, M.E. "Crossing Jordan"

( why not go LOOK in "The Mirror" when you are done here?)

Quote from Dr. Phil On the Cause of "Schizophrenia"
''We think there is about a ten per cent genetic component but we don't really understand the cause.''

So there is a ninety per cent chance your genes have nothing to do with it.
Now let's think about this in slightly different terms using the point of view of some other medical specialty. ( get out those ''thinking caps'' again, as my old elementary school teacher used to say)
If a surgeon told you she was pretty sure there was a ten per cent chance she knew what she was going to operate on would that surgeon inspire you to head on up to the O.R. filled with confidence? How about if you balked at the diagnosis so a cop shackled you to the operating table? Do you think you would feel a lot more ''secure'' (ha ha ) then? Or would you feel overwhelmed, frightened and/or angry?
You know how these kinds of explanations of my problem sound to me? Like people are faking their way through a situation they have never really understood while trying to SOUND confident and certain about their beliefs and decisions.

Now let's all take a brief look at the altered state of consciousness known as psychosis. This state is frequently termed "schizophrenia" or "bipolar disorder" regardless of the actual causes which are numerous and include; stress, substance abuse, REAL brain disease such as Alzheimer's and brain tumours etc. These are catch-all terms and "catch" us they do. Whether we WANT to be caught in them or not. What they do best is give power and control to psychiatrists and create fear, hysteria and disdain for the labelled in the public at large.

Before Dr. "Phil" made the ten per cent statement quoted above, Canada had announced (on the T.V.) that scientists have located the gene that caused "schizophrenia"----again. Like it is the first time they have said this.

Let's take another look at the "schizo" show on Dr. Phil. The woman used as "the subject" of the discussion had her personal boundaries totally violated by others who appeared not to notice what they had done. (since it was being done for their own good of course) This included having her picture shown , (without the usual fuzzy blobs of light to disguise her) on international television defining her as a "schizophrenic in denial."

This reminded me of the local news flashes which have shown the pictures and names of those "missing" who are later announced to have been "found" and returned safely to the psychiatric hospital. Then, all of the normal can breathe a huge collective sigh of relief! The bogeyman can't get us...whew! No doubt, once back, hospital authorities in charge of the case are very very careful to make sure the only people who are told the diagnosis are those nurses actually assigned specifically to the case. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to them you know. ( Shhhh....don't breathe a word about any of this to anyone) To work there, we must all sign an "oath."

Back To Dr. "Phil":
The woman targeted for the "help" did indeed seem altered to me too. Her language was symbolic in nature and sort of out of synch like the dream (or nightmare) state which is psychosis while being awake at the same time. A sort of blend of conscious and subconscious. It is likely some things were just popping out of her mouth as if are their own accord, without any conscious control over content. Now, let's look at it specifically.

The woman talked about someone "getting into her home through the light switches," and "seeing someone killed in her home." She also called her daughter and told her, " I have seen a whole line of microphones lined up which led straight to your house." She felt she was being watched.
Sound pretty crazy to you? Do you believe as psychiatrist have told me they do that it is completely meaningless? Her family obviously thinks that too.

A little later on, the daughter tells Dr. Phil and Dr. Frank Lawless a few facts which were not mentioned before we saw the "crazy" woman doing her thing. Among those facts are these true details. Within a short period of time:

The crazy woman's best friend died in her arms. (someone was killed)
Her daughter had arranged with Dr. Phil to install cameras in the woman's home without her knowledge or consent, so that they could watch her. (She felt like she was being watched)
He and the daughter also installed microphones in the house to record her paranoid delusions about being watched and sensing microphones , the trail of which led to her daughter.

When we dream, it is said, our subconscious gives us information in symbolic form, not necessarily literal form, which we can't, don't, or won't, see when we are awake.
Psychosis is like a combination of the two levels of consciousness. It can be caused by prolonged lack of sleep alone. That means that even all the superior people, like doctors, lawyers and nurses etc., could experience the same thing. It is meaningFULL, not meaningLESS.
I would bet that neither Dr. Phil nor the woman's daughter saw any connection between the woman's reality and the symbolic expression of it.
Know why?

They both consider themselves to be "objective observers" not participants, nor contributors to the stress load. After all, the woman could not possibly know anything about what is going on around her, could she?

Another Bit Of Input From Dr. Phil and I:
Dr. Phil one day told his guests, "I was once told by a "coach" (life or sports?) you are never a loser until you stop trying."

Sounds pretty reasonable right? Let's look at the same idea from the labelled person's point of view shall we? Because that is the position from which all those little homilies delivered in regard to "us" become the exact opposite. That, my psychiatric expert friends, is what us nuts are hearing, and hearing accurately.
It is yourselves who do not hear what you are actually telling us and just how you are judging and invalidating us, because you have been thoroughly trained NOT to hear what we are saying to you. Instead, you have invented an alternate "reality" which you have defined as a "disease process" which gets virtually everyone, except the labelled person, off the accountability hook. Unless the label used is "sociopath," when used for a criminal. That is the only labelled person who DOES get off the hook. ( He's not a criminal. He's just "sick. The poor thing.) It is also used though to define those who are NOT sociopaths but are treated "as if " they were, because of the label they were given.

It is not really surprising that many people in groups embrace such a notion of physical "illness" so eagerly. After all, if some jackass is abusing me verbally, psychologically, or more, and the expert blames my perception of my abuse as the problem, that enables my abuser quite nicely doesn't it? If there is one thing all abusers and boundary violators love it is the idea of being so clever and superior that they can get away with doing what they do. Proving their ''superiority'' to themselves is the point of what they do in the first place, so when any group in society supports that, it just puffs up those already inflated egos even more.

Back To Dr. "Phil's'' comment: For us, the reverse of it is true or else we are invalidated from both sides at once.

Concretely defined: If a ''normal'' person keeps trying to resolve something, she is not a ''loser.''

If a labelled person keeps trying, he IS a ''loser.''

If a ''normal'' person gives an effort, it is likely she will be assumed to be recognizing there are some problems she just can't solve and she is seen as letting go and getting on with her life.

If a labelled person gives up on the effort to explain, resolve, or escape the trap, he will most likely be told quitters give up or sometimes it's if he is too ''stupid'' to speak up for himself, then he deserves what he gets.

You see, once some psychiatrist has invested ten to fifteen cost effective minutes of effort in finding just the right psychiatric label with which to control ''us,'' and drug us into submission, we have become one of ''them.'' Once we have been pushed across the invisible line that separates ''them'' from ''us'' we have stepped through the mirror into ''Wonderland'' where everything in our reality has been proclaimed by a combination of ''authority'' which can't be questioned and group consensus to be the opposite of our own experience.

The effect on ''us'' (the now labelled) is that of being pushed or forced out of concrete reality and into an alternate reality of non stop abuse, contempt, denial, invalidation and ''other'' control.

This denial of our reality and the ''treatment'' (both kinds) that comes with it, is the reason we are made to feel invisible as the human beings we actually are and which our judges/assessors cannot see though we tell them quite plainly.

We are told we must accept this invalidation and all the destructive results to our lives and relationships that comes with it. If we balk or resist, they have the concrete power now to force us to do just that.

From that moment of labelling, it is the exact opposite of what we are saying that the mental health profession is hearing when we try to talk to them and that is what they train everyone else they involve to hear as well. Group pressure is then applied until we break from the stress of it in one way, or another or just give up trying and accept our inescapable fate without further complaint.

For many years now I have been telling psychiatrists: -There is always at least one, and sometimes more than one, aggressor with a hidden agenda of domination in this who is managing to deceive almost everyone. It is also true that the original aggressor is being supported and often praised for his long suffering ''patience'' with the labelled person. Aggressors are frequently very good at hiding behind personable facades. There are several in my own case who are doing JUST that. They also aren't at all troubled by a conscience since the premise of their reasoning for this act is that they are ''superior'' to everyone else, especially their victim, which entitles them, in their grandiose opinion, to think and behave just the way they do.

As I have said before, (like in Orwell's novel ''1984'') ''Power is not the means to an end. It IS the end.''

We who are on the receiving end will not ''let it go'' and we will not give up and accept our ''fate.''


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